Somehow you found your way here to my website, which I don’t advertise, so that means one of two things.

1. A friend of yours who I have already helped told you about me. Which means your friend REALLY thinks you need my help

2. You found me on your own, either through one of my public talks, online vids or posts. Which means that you are in a place in your life where you REALLY need my help.

Whether it is learning how to approach and talk to women, getting over your X and that heartbreak, tips on how to meet women online, learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones, or any of the other skills you feel like you don’t yet possess as a man-


I was just like you, actually I was probably worse. After a painful divorce (from a marriage that lasted less than a year and included a miscarriage) I was close to giving up. I didn’t have the balls to talk to hot girls, and even if I somehow FORCED myself to talk to one, I never knew what to say and the conversation always became this horrible, painful event that I would relive and regret for weeks and weeks after.

Nothing anyone said helped, and I was convinced that the help I needed just didn’t exist.

Then I read a book called THE GAME, and it changed my life.

I took control of my social and love life, so much so that Neil Strauss (the guy who wrote THE GAME) hired me and moved me out to Hollywood to teach full time as his EXECUTIVE COACH.

Clearly I am not a “Hollywood” guy, so when the opportunity came for me start my own company, I moved back to Arizona to teach all of the skills I acquired throughout the years. It is also because women in Arizona blew away the ones in LA, and since I’ve taught this stuff all AROUND THE WORLD, right here in Az is the BEST places I have ever been sarging at, where I learned it, where I first started teaching, so YOU get to hit the same spots I did on my journey!

The best part of being back in Az on my own is teaching social and life skills the way I WISHED I could have learned, with personal 1 on 1 training with an EXPERT, helping you every step of the way.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times I am glad I took the hard path, and you can too, if you want. You can max out multiple credit cards, quit your job, move to a different state, and spend a few years going out several nights a week until the early morning, getting rejected by more women and AMOGS than you can remember, until you finally start figuring this out on your own.


If you want me to coach you along the way, you can check out the COACHING that I currently offer, and if you have any doubts whether I am legit and what I teach works, here are what some guys I have coached HAVE TO SAY.

Most guys who come to me aren’t just looking to hook up with women they meet in bars. Many are just wanting to get a girlfriend (which is what I really wanted out of all of this). I’ve even had GFs email me later THANKING me for helping their guy’s PICK THEM UP!

Don’t spend years spinning your wheels, wasting your money, when you can start taking control of your life RIGHT NOW. Don’t waste your most valuable asset, your time, on guys who aren’t walking the walk and aren’t on a wavelength you can relate to, or wish to aspire to. No matter what sticking points you are struggling with, I can help.

Hopefully, I will hear from you soon.