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Hidden camera in field DAY game pick up of Bravo

Once again, this video should NOT be online, and will not be surprised if it is removed soon.

Video set up=

When the Stylelife gang went down to Miami Beach last year to PROVE that pick up works across the US, we also decided to PROVE that canned routines still work.

I was going out all day shooting, taking a nap, then going out and shooting all night. It actually was a lot of work and very stressful. Think about how you feel opening a set, worried that other people are going to see. Now think how it would feel to have it video taped, knowing that Style is going to watch it, all your friends will, and it will be online forever…that is pressure.

But still I wanted to have fun with it, so even though I personally do NOT use canned and scripted game when picking up, I wanted to demo it, because in my opinion every guy who gets into pick up needs to learn it. So instead of asking the 5 oceans opener, I decided to dumb it down and make it the 1 ocean opener.

Now if I was just running my natural & direct style of game, I would have taken a MUCH different path, including when she brought up her ethnic background. But because I was trying to demo a solid stack I stuck to the scripts and plowed, and you can see that it worked out pretty well. She did ask WHY I was asking this, and the reason why is because I didn’t root it, which I usually do not do. I don’t like doing anymore work than I have to do and very rarely gets asked WHY I am doing something. You can also see that it wasn’t a big deal.

So the ocean opener that worked at night also worked during the day, just as well. As did noticing her rings (possible ring routine) and talking about astrology (which I hate).

Discussion welcome below

Bravo hidden camera in field pick up

Many guys doubt that the pick up arts actually work, others want to see a “master” in action to learn how it is done.

Not sure how long this video is going to stay up on youtube so I would watch ASAP!

Now for the set up- this is a clip from a promotion for Neil Strauss’s Stylelife Academy. All of us, the Stylelife coaches, took a trip to Miami beach to shoot some in field video. We did this to prove that it doesn’t matter where you are that it still works, in case we got in trouble or creeped everyone out by using the same canned lines and having 4 guys follow me around, we could leave and never see anyone again! (we didn’t want to ruin the cool spots that we hang out at in Hollywood)

I open with my Facebook Stalker opener (which is in the new version of Neil Strauss’s Rules of The Game) the video fades out but I use the rest of the routine stack that then lead into her and her friends being cool with me isolating her. During that I ran a few more routines and number closed her, where I have her write her number on my arm with a sharpie marker. I LOVE having girls do that because every set you approach after sees this girl’s name and phone number on your arm and it shows preselection and gives you tons of social proof!

Also for the guys who watch this, this isn’t really my style of game. It was shot to specifically demo a routine stack. Everyone who knows me or has read my Field Reports know I am much more direct and natural. My take on becoming a PUA is the same way I taught martial arts or firearms training.

Learn it

Absorb it

Forget it

Let me know what you think , ignore the sales stuff (it is over) and if you guys like will post the follow up text messages after this which led to her coming over to my hotel room, me having a married chick leave minutes before she showed up, us have fun (3 times) and also the funny text messages I was sending back and forth to a wrong number before I got her!