The bottom line is= I never met a woman I developed a REAL CONNECTION with, who I met at a bar or club.

First off, I am a hearing impaired, introvert. A chill night at home, going out and grabbing a pizza or tacos somewhere cool, WITH someone cool, just is so much more up my alley than standing in line for hours, paying a cover charge, to get into some crazy club, full of superficial people doing blow, where I can’t even hear what anyone says!

Every woman I ever had a REAL connection with I met 1 of 3 ways

  1. Everyday life
  2. Social circle
  3. Online dating

Is Online Dating the BEST way to meet a quality woman?

I’ve been teaching this stuff since 2006, and I have to say = YES!!!

It gives guys like us the opportunity to connect with countless women, around the world,  that we would just NEVER meet during the day or through our social circles. Men who live a life where you are surrounded by guys all day, stuck in an office looking at a computer screen, or like me and work from home. Making time to GO OUT just to try and meet someone becomes almost impossible more of the time. We also know how bad it sucks when you do FINALLY meet someone that you dig, and they already have a boyfriend.
That is why ONLINE DATING is so awesome, women put up a dating profile and tell you they are LOOKING FOR A MAN AND ASKING YOU TO HIT ON THEM!!! (pretty helpful in the #METOO age)

The best part is you actually get to see their profile, look at multiple pictures/angles, read their “About Me”, and get WAY more information for you to decide if they are someone you might click with, than just cold approaching a stranger.

I have spent YEARS figuring out what works best on my profile, helping students around the world, hell even helping out other solid dating coaches, figure out which sites are the best to use, whether you should pay the dating sites money (you shouldn’t), how to build a kickass profile, and most importantly how to get to your 1st date. But the problem was always not being able to access me and get help when right you need it. I mean I still delivered amazing results, with my students who send me texts like this=

But online dating is fast paced, every second she is on the site other guys are hitting on her! For guys to really MASTER this area of dating, they needed more direct access to me, but until now it wasn’t possible. But I finally figured out a way that I can be. Just like I am there with you in field during a 1on1, I will be your online wingman in this program! You will be able to reach me almost 24/7!!! (I mean I have to sleep and train still) So I am VERY proud to announce the-

Online Game 4.0 program

This is the absolute best online game coaching program available, the one I wish I could have had access to years ago. Private, limited members, and proven advice and help for the online dating EXPERT!


There are 2 levels to this program, because there are 2 levels of students that need my help.


****VIP Online Game 4.0 program****

If you are having trouble getting dates in the first place, or need more personal / private coaching, then this is the program you need. Everything in the standard program but you will also get 4 hours of phone coaching each month.

  •  Four 1 hour coaching calls (which normally costs more than this program, so I only have a limited number of these spots left). 1 call a week where I personally and PRIVATELY help with your profile, or about any other sticking points you may have.
  • Membership in our Discord IM server where you get advice in real time
  • Weekly group chat where you can ask me direct questions about ANYTHING!
  • Access to Online Game 2.0 and 3.0 archives (already HOURS of coaching vids)
  • Screen shots of my profile, and all the variations I’ve used, so you can find the perfect template for yours



**Standard Online Game 4.0 program** 

If you already have an active dating & social life, but just can’t seem to figure out how to make online dating work for you, than this is the program for you.

  • Membership in our Discord IM server where you get advice in real time
  • Weekly group chat where you can ask me direct questions about ANYTHING!
  • Access to Online Game 2.0 and 3.0 archives (already HOURS of coaching vids)
  • Screen shots of my profile, and all the variations I’ve used, so you can find the perfect template for yours


Guys, the bottom line is I know how shitty life can be when you are single, and NOT by choice. This stuff CHANGED my life. The confidence I have now is just simply priceless. Knowing that I NEVER have to settle in a relationship again, that I can make friends wherever and whenever, that I get to be PICKY and have STANDARDS when I get into a relationship, and the fact that I am currently in the COOLEST relationship I have ever had- RIGHT NOW, with someone I met on Bumble!! = I just feel like it is my duty to share this stuff with all of you. 

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another in your life.

Well I am doing that right now, with all of you. So if you want the most direct access and help from me= then this is your chance. The end of the year and even the new DECADE is just around the corner….lets make sure it kicks ass!

I hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Mr. Victory

    Review of your program so far=
    Stephen is a dating expert who came highly recommended by Hypnotica. After doing 1 coaching call with him, I could tell right away that he’s a cool guy who knows his stuff and wants to help.
    I was working with another coach whose program was more expensive and didn’t provide much feedback at all or would show me random stuff that had nothing to do with my situation. Whereas with Stephen’s program, we are able to go over whatever I want such as online game, inner game, logistics, etc. He also tells funny stories to put things in perspective which makes the calls more fun and enjoyable.
    We also have a private message board and weekly chat that we can use to interact and share stories with like minded people who are also in the program so you get the help of a mastermind as well.
    I would definitely recommend this guy’s program for sure.

  2. Noa

    Been using Bravo’s 4.0 Online game and I can say this is one the best courses he has released and easily accessible. Bravo always produces quality programs and this is no different. Make no mistake, just like everything else in life, you do have to put work in, but Bravo provides the tools to get you from no matches to consistently getting matched up with women and having an abundance to choose from. If you’re on the fence about getting this, then I STRONGLY recommend going for it. You’ll learn so much the minute you join, you’ll be happy you pulled the trigger.

  3. Status

    Been using the 4.0 program. It’s the first time I’ve used one of Bravo’s programs. I was starting from pretty much square one. The advice I’ve gotten, and explanations – have been worth the price. I feel like I have gotten much more value. Not just in online but in all aspects of life. Bravo’s blunt and no nonsense. I’ve had a lot of coaches in other aspects of life, and Bravo fits the role as well as anyone I’ve ever seen.
    I would get pretty much no matches on apps, and went to getting several a week just 3 weeks. Just from changing photos around – which still aren’t good. I have a clear direction to take on getting new photos, and is on me to execute.
    With the program you also get access to a great group of guys – who are positive and helpful.
    Highly recommend. People you meet in life are often transactional, Bravo proves to be transformative. That’s hard to find, harder to beat.

  4. Valmont

    Since signing up for the Online Game 4.0 I’ve seen not just more matches / better results on Tinder and Bumble but from higher quality and hotter women that I’d actually want to see.
    The best thing from this is not just the content but the tools you have to develop yourself, change the way you think and how to become a better person. If you use this correctly, you can definitely see upgrades in your life. There is no magic bullet, but this is the best thing out there you can use to load up and fire directly on target.

  5. John

    Here’s a little background on me. I recently went through a divorce when my wife decided to leave me after joining the military. I was distraught over it, but picked myself back up and moved on. I got back into dating after 5 years and wasn’t that good at it. It wasn’t that I was a bad date or couldn’t get dates, but I was dating for the wrong reasons and making rookie mistakes. I was dating to validate myself and therefore, was desperate for a relationship. Next thing I know, I’m chasing away women that I was SETTLING for. What’s worse, I obsessed over the lost relationship opportunity instead of moving on….I had one-itis. I felt hopeless because I wasn’t happy with myself and looked to women to fill that, but I wasn’t getting them.

    I changed when my brother turned me to Bravo.

    In a short time, Bravo showed me that leveling up wasn’t about picking up women, it was about picking up yourself. I began to focus on self-development activities and habits, which made me happy and content not only as a man, but as a SINGLE man. He helped teach me that a confident man who lives a life of higher value will attract women to himself. He showed me how to present myself in a better way, how to better communicate with women, and how to steer conversations/interactions to getting results quickly: a phone number then date.

    Now his program isn’t a catch all. It doesn’t always work out, and plenty of women blow me off. But, thanks to him, I no longer look at women as THE WOMAN but instead, A WOMAN. Now, I’m cool with taking the loss, because I learn from it and move on to the next opportunity. I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time that sometimes I feel like I have too many options to handle when it comes to dating. I no longer tolerate women who don’t meet my standards or disrespect me. I no longer feel a need to settle. Now, I date for fun and the pure joy of it, and don’t feel a need to settle until I find the one who checks all my boxes and gives me what I deserve.

    Not to sound sappy, but Bravo really did help me change myself into a better, more confident man. He helped me level up.

  6. R

    One of the fundamental principles when working with Stephen is that there are no magic bullets. You become an attractive man because you ARE an attractive man. You put in the work to be an awesome guy that lives an awesome lifestyle. It’s a constant process. Then you become good at expressing that to other people and finding those you click with.

    This program offers a huge amount of value. Tons of video resources – online game 2.0 + 3.0 vids, plus dropbox downloads of previous discord chats. On top if this there is great access to Stephen with rapid advice, and a weekly discord chat with an AMA format.

    What I found most interesting is that I didn’t actually need to change my pics, all I had to do was make a few minor tweaks to my bio that communicated my message in a slightly different tone and my matches increased significantly!

    Highly recommend the investment.

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