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Things are a little scary for many right now with everything going on with Coronavirus. More guys than ever are reaching out to me for advice, but not DATING advice, they are all asking me about what kind of gun they should buy, how much ammo they need, what kind of flashlights should they get, and what kind of survival food is the best..etc.

For years guys reached out about attending some of the special classes I ran, and are now telling me they “wished more than anything they would have taken them”

Well like the old saying goes, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the 2nd best time is NOW. If you aren’t able to train with me in person, then this is the next best thing!

I have been running the Online Game 4.0 program in our Discord channel for months now, so I am now confident that I can now offer a tactical training program on there as well.

A private channel to discuss anything about any of the tactical/urban survival type questions you have. A private group chat for everyone to use. And the best part, weekly coaching group video calls where I will go over gear with you, teach you, critique you, and give you the exact same level of instruction I would if you were here with me. These will be there same training drills I do. You will 100% become more competent and confident from this training. You will also save a 1000’s of dollars and hours by not making the same mistakes I did (wrong gear, wrong training, etc)

This will all be included in my Online Coaching program, so you will instantly get access to everything else that is offered in there, which currently includes the Online Game 4.0 training program.

Access to the training video archive, the online game 4.0 program (25+hrs of audio coaching and 10+hours of video coaching) in there right now waiting for you, and weekly chats and video conferences on both subjects where you can also AMA.

What a current member is already saying about this program=

It was pretty cool cause I’ve gotten coaching from Bravo a few times, but never for tactical and self defense like this. It was awesome seeing him in his other wheelhouse for a change. TONS of information in a short timeframe. I can honestly say it was the most informative and, more importantly, most productive thing I’ve done these past 3 weeks of quarantine. And since we have homework I have something to do until next class. Really looking forward to next week.

All of this for $50 bucks a month
Since I will personally focus on each of you during these video calls and audio chats, spots in here will be limited. So if you see this page that means I am currently allowing sign ups, don’t miss out!

After you sign up, I will email you back with the info you need to get into our private group.

If you have any questions, email me and I will get back to you ASAP
Stephen @ StephenGrosch (dot) com


  1. Poppa

    I gotta say, no one teaches like Stephen does. I’ve been following his Online Game program since he first rolled it out, and it gets better and better with each iteration. He understands that online dating isn’t a one size fits all skillset, so the program evolves constantly as sites and apps change. One of the biggest game changers is the access to the Discord server which gives you near instant feedback from not only Stephen, but a host of awesome guys who want to see you succeed just as much. Everything from reviewing profile pictures, openers, and cool things to mention in your About Me section are always right at your finger tips.

    Recently during this quarantine, Stephen launched his Immediate Responders program where he teaches us a bunch of cool shit about survival, guns, knives, flashlights, improvised weapons, and more. When the quarantine first started, I started feeling depressed because I had nothing to do and just sat around. But with program launched, suddenly I had these really cool Zoom meeting to look forward to every week. They’re not just lectures either. Stephen gives everyone individual attention as he goes over exercises and answers questions. Plus, with homework every week, quarantine never became boring again and was leveling up in the process! I can honestly say it’s been some of the most informative and, more importantly, most productive months I’ve had in a long time.

  2. GP

    I’ve had the pleasure of learning from
    Stephen since Late 2000’s. In those years I learned so much about dating, life, and skills I feel no man should ever go with out. We started with dating and later incorporated life, survival, and more. It was his fine attention to detail and his down to earth manner that really separated him from other dating coaches.

    When Stephen coaches he looks at every detail of the
    Situation. It’s because of this that a large amount of his students (myself included) have had what I can best describe as life transformations. Till this day we learn with Stephen not only because of value but also because of the strong brotherhood that has been built amongs ourselves.

    Stephen recently put together an awesome Immediate responder/Online dating coaching program. We all meet once a week online and discuss topics ranging from tourniquets, weapons presentations, situational preparation, online dating, and more.. while the program is focused on immediate responder/online dating, he still finds the time to cover other aspects of life and being a man that no one else covers. You’ll recognize the value of this from the first session (this is how I felt even after years of coaching). I highly encourage anyone with any curiosity about this to join. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll become a part of a larger movement. There’s something in these programs for everyone (LITERALLY). Lastly, although Stephen is a coach he isn’t your typical here today gone tomorrow coach. He is here for you and gives more than is expected..


  3. Ice

    Bravo launched his new Immediate Responder program during the Pandemic to help guys level up in the preparedness aspect of their lives.He talks about how during the Pandemic, we should be using this time to learn and develop new skills and how we have no excuse now.

    Since the start of the pandemic we have gained knife, pistol, AR, and tourniquet training. We have covered AR set ups, essential accessories/upgrades, relevant preparedness mindset, defensive/offensive tactics, top gear selection and more. We are a circle of guys who have leveled up our skills and are more prepared now during an uncertain time.

    Bravo consistently delivers a high calibre of training. He holds a high expectation and a very critical eye when we drill. He demonstrates how to do execute the drill, then observes each of us drill as if he would in person. He shares his observations of what we are doing well and what needs to be changed and tweaked to get it perfect.

    What I love about this program is the community of guys that share a similar mindset of being able to protect those we love and being able to handle situations that come up. Being a part of this and getting coaching training from Bravo has given me more structure and confidence during these times.

    This program also includes his online game program and weekly coaching call, which is TWO classes per week.

    In addition to everything, Bravo has made his program MORE affordable which I’m thankful for. Bravo is the only coach that shares his well thought-out perspective and readiness mindset, teaching what he does – to help level us up.

    This is an awesome program which I highly recommend.

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