God created man, Samuel Colt made them equal. – Old West Adage


Before I ever heard of THE GAME, before I ever learned how to use a knife, I was shooting guns and teaching others FULL TIME as a firearms instructor.

Back in 1999, I walked into the local gun range with my older brother who was looking to buy a gun, and was overwhelmed by all the choices. “Assault rifles”, lever actions, bolt actions, shotguns, single shot, muzzle loaders, semi-auto, full-auto, revolvers, single action, double action, single AND double action, sniper rifles, hunting rifles, self defense models, police models, military models, female models, 1911’s, Sigs, H&Ks, Styers, Colts, Bushmasters, and Glocks….well you get the pictures.

We both only knew what we had read about in some gun mags (big mistakes). Fortunately he was buddies with the Director of Training/Manager of this giant facility who took us out to the range and taught us how to shoot with his own gun. Within 30 mins of instruction we were putting all of our bullets through a single hole.

I thought that this was normal, that everyone could could easily accomplish what we just did, after only my third time shooting. As I walked past everyone else out on the range to leave, I saw that most of them had trouble even just getting their rounds somewhere on the entire man sized target, at 1/2 the distance we were shooting at!

At that moment, I instantly fell in love with shooting. Learning how to control something that is so scary to so many, learning how to focus, learning how to control my body and what it does, and most importantly, understanding the way the brain works in learning and how it reacts under stress, were some of the most beneficial lessons I have ever received.

The skills I learned from firearms training have carried over into every other aspect of my teaching and anyone who has ever learned anything from me has benefited from those skills.

The confidence I have KNOWING that I can protect myself and my loved ones= PRICELESS!


When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away. -Clint Smith


A firearm is the ultimate force multiplier, it is the MOST important tool you need to have to keep you and your family safe, from a break it, a carjacking, or worse…

As a 19 year old kid I knew the BEST way to learn something was to immerse yourself in it, find great mentors, and make it your job.

So as we walked off that range I asked if they were hiring. I didn’t even know someone under 21 could work at a gun store/range but learning this skill was a new obsession, and I got the job!

5  years later, multiple classes, certifications, instructor rankings and learning from TOP LEVEL firearms instructors, I was promoted to Director of Training/Manager where I wrote and taught all the advanced classes. Guys who were in the EXECUTIVE/VIP PROTECTION course know what happened next, I left to go work at a contracting company and took all of my training to the next level. Then my divorce and my self help journey began….


Last year in our special Wilderness Survival course we taught you how to survive in the outdoors, how to make fire from rubbing 2 sticks together, how to signal for help, and how to look for tracks + how to hide your own tracks.



The year before, we taught you how to take away a bad guy’s handgun/rifle/knife, how to kill someone with a pen, and how to be a real life bodyguard so you can protect your loved ones.





For 2017, we are taking things to the next level in our-


Here is a quick vid of the April course, right now I am accepting applications for one I am running in Nov. (already 3/6 spots taken)

While the WILDERNESS COURSE was amazing (and you can read some of the feedback HERE), most of you don’t live out in the wild!

Guys in the class and guys throughout the years keep asking me what gun they should buy, what gear should they get to go along with it, how to shoot it, and the advanced tactics they ever needed to defend themselves or their family.

I’ve always done my best to answer those questions, and even with my lecture from the 21 Convention in the forum, I keep getting asked for more advice. The bottom line is nothing can replace HANDS ON TRAINING.

Trying to make a class like this happen has been almost impossible, a dream class where we teach you as much of the coolest and most helpful skills we can in 4 days, so I called in a few favors and was able to rent out a classroom & an entire shooting bay at my old range JUST FOR US!!!

To make this class even more awesome, I am bringing in an expert to teach everyone more than just the shooting skills, he will cover the MINDSET, PLANNING and GEAR that you need to survive if the GRID GOES DOWN. It’s great to have the gear, but if you don’t have the proper training, planning or mindset, you probably won’t make it if the SHTF.
(or if there is a Zombie Apocalypse)


Tony Nester (his school ANCIENT PATHWAYS is the primary provider of survival training for the Military Special Operations community) is again available to help us make this event EPIC!

One of the best parts of this course is even though it isn’t until NOVEMBER, your training starts NOW!

I made a special Facebook group just for those who are attending, where you can ask anything you want and get feedback/advice before the class. I also will be doing LIVE VIDEO STREAMS, where I will start teaching you guys MONTHS before the class even starts, I will demo, lecture, and give direct advice to each of you. This also helps you save $$ by not wasting your money on gear that you don’t need for the class.

So what will the course cover?

The first 2 days are going to be 100% firearms related spending only as much time as needed in the classroom, and then hitting our PRIVATE RANGE.

I will PERSONALLY teach you the very best of what I learned in the last 17 years of training.



In this course you will learn-

  • How to choose a firearm that is right for YOU
  • Caliber selection
  • Safe and correct handling of handguns
  • The 5 gun safety rules
  • How to properly load and unload your firearm
  • How to clear it and make sure it is safe
  • How to store it so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands
  • How to hit what you are aiming at (even 25 yards away)
  • Proper trigger control (1 of 2 biggest issues shooters have)
  • Reloading your firearm under stress
  • 1 handed reloads in case one of your hands is injured
  • Clearing the 3 types of malfunctions (what people mistakenly call “jam”)
  • 1 handed malfunction clearances
  • How to choose the right holster(s)
  • Where you should carry your gun (especially for MAX concealability)
  • Drawing from your holster/ Weapon presentation
  • Low-Light shooting (80% of crime happens at night!)
  • Whether you should have a weapon mounted light or a handheld
  • Target identification, and shoot/no-shoot scenarios
  • Shooting up close and far away, and the limits of your firearm
  • How to shoot multiple different firearms and calibers
  • Shooting qualifications more challenging than most police depts (and passing)
  • How to clean and maintain your firearm
  • Which accessories you should buy for it (hint- you only need a couple)
  • Ammunition selection
  • The DO’s & DON’Ts of stockpiling
  • and MORE…

The 2nd part of our course will cover the URBAN skills-

  • What you NEED to know to survive
  • Common mistakes others have made (and died from)
  • Keeping your family and loved ones safe
  • Movement (the ways to move and not be noticed)
  • Countermovement (how to catch others who are trying to get the drop on you)
  • Home food and water storage
  • Water sources and purification in URBAN areas
  • When you should BUG OUT & when you should BUG IN
  •  5 key areas of home preparation
  •  Pre-disaster planning and establishing rendezvous points with family members
  •  Local, regional, and statewide evacuation strategies
  • Pre-Trip Planning for Domestic & International Travel/Safety Concerns
  • Travel Bug out gear you should always buy first thing in a new city (this one was a HUGE eye opener for me!)
  • Coping with disaster abroad
  • How to construct a personal Bail-Out Bag (BOB) for the home & office
  • Off-grid medical issues
  • Urban survivor’s first-aid kit
  • Sanitation & hygiene issues
  • Traps and tools for feeding yourself when the grocery shelves empty
  • Communication methods and tips for getting in touch with separated family members
  • Equipping your vehicle for roadside survival
  • Caches- pros & cons of different storage devices, long-term issues, and realistic storage methods.
  • Improvised Tools
  • Supplies you will NEED to make it
  • AND MORE (guys in previous classes know what I am talking about, there will be things you are taught that we can not publicly discuss!)

And maybe the best part, on the last day of the course, you will have a Field Training Exercise, where you will have to go out into the real world, run missions we give you and monitor, and employ the skills you learned during the class to survive!


WHEN: November 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th 2017

WHERE: Phoenix, Az (more info once you are in)


What you will need to bring-

  • A quality firearm
  • A quality outside the waistband holster
  • 3 magazines
  • Single or double magazine pouch
  • Eye and ear protection for gun range (highly recommend electronic earmuffs)
  • Notebook, 2 pens, and a sharpie marker
  • Gun cleaning kit for your firearm
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Dummy rounds in your caliber
  • Training knife (optional)
  • Electrolyte tablets
  • Water bottle
  • Dress for indoor/outdoor training in Arizona, plan for heat & weather changes
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • GOOD walking/hiking shoes and quality socks
  • Smart phone and any charging needs

And like all of my other classes, you will make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime, you will be on your way of DOING DOPE SHIT for 2017, and you will have DHV pics and stories to share!

This course is a PRIVATE event. Each person who wants to attend will have to be interviewed personally by me, you must be at least 21 years old to attend this class, and may be subject to a background check

The Urban Survival courses are over, keep an eye out of the next class, Tactical Pistol

email me Survive@StephenGrosch.com if you have any questions and want to register.




  1. Arthur Apolinario, MD, MPH, FAAFP

    This was my 3rd class with Stephen and was once again top notch. Having the special privilege to use a shooting range in front of the line with a safety-first firearms instructor was great in and of itself so that our shooting skills would improve for many possible scenarios. We started with the basics, firearms safety, and ended with one handed reloads and malfunction clearances in low light. We ALL saw major improvement in the most common shooting issues: Site alignment and trigger control. I’ve been shooting most of my life and had not learned these basics from the many experts and instructors I’ve met. After this training, because of the foundation, even my support hand was shooting bullseyes at the end. Something I thought could never be consistent was now better than my two handed shooting at the beginning of class. Concealed carry training, IDPA competition, and advice from other experts never got me to this level of competence and accuracy in my shooting. I now know how to train with shot timers, flashlights in low light, one handed; how to clear all 3 malfunctions; how to properly draw and reholster as quick and as safe as possible; and best practices in maintaining my firearm.

    In the past I was practicing a lot. But Stephen got me to understand perfect practice.

    The firearms training alone would have been worth the price of admission, but add on the training from Tony Nester on urban survival which added to our training from our last survival course, and you’ve got an all around view of what it takes to survive the next collapse. I had already had to use these skills in the real life situation of Hurricane Matthew, and you can’t ever be too prepared. Now I’ve got info on the next steps to prepare, such as getting my amateur radio license, bug out bag contents, water storage, mindset, and strategy from a technical expert, not a blogger or youtube, or some staged actor on the tv screen.

    Stephen has put together another great course and experience.

  2. Henry

    I have been regularly training (once a month on average) with firearms since I was 18. In regards to pistol training, I learned and was able to accomplish more in 3 days at the range with Stephen Grosch than I previously had in 7 years. That alone should be enough, but I’ll explain further.

    A major issue with firearms training is finding a qualified instructor. Everyone who shoots a firearm thinks they qualified to train others. Upon this there is a wide range of douche fuckers who steal valor to add to their “resume” as a selling point. They are scum. They don’t know shit. Fuck them.

    Stephen isn’t one of them.

    First, he makes no mistake of being a civilian who started his training some 17 years ago working at a firearm range. But in those 17 years I feel confident he is a better shot than the vast majority of our law enforcement and military.

    I learned major mistakes I was making when shooting pistols. Mainly being that I was improperly using sights this entire time. The truth is that when you get your CCW (concealed permit) you go through a bullshit course that doesn’t teach you nearly enough to be qualified to handle a firearm. You have to train more. You have to understand more. And if it wasn’t for guys like Stephen, we would all be aiming at a threat a hitting a target that is a foot off.

    Admit to yourself, humble yourself… You don’t know shit. You need to learn more.

    Beyond firearm training we got to spend a great deal of time with Tony Nester, one of the top survivalist in the world. His teaching methods are relatable and easy to understand. When was the last time you considered what you would do if shit hit the fan and you were without access to a grocery store for a week, month, or longer? Do you know where your local water sources are? Do you know how to purify the water supply?

    Again, you don’t know shit. You’re not prepared. Don’t be that guy.

    We live in a time where men are being told to question their masculinity. Where men are being told they DO NOT have to be providers or protectors. FUCK. THAT. You need to be prepared. You need certain skills. Don’t fall into the mindset that you can sit back and rely on others for your own personal security. Cops aren’t going to protect you. Look at the recent Berkeley riots. Your family can’t protect you. They have never prepared. Your girlfriend won’t protect you. Once she sees that you have passed that duty to her, she will leave you.

    Be a man. You are responsible for everything in your life.

    P.S. Stephen was a real sweetheart. I’m a non-binary, trans-muslim, queer. And he agreed to call me by my proper pro-noun… Jabrone.

  3. Patrick McSweeney

    This course goes way beyond all of my expectations. Before this course, I had very little firearms training. After this course I am shooting on a level that is above what the average police officer shoots at. Stephen Grosch is an amazing instructor whom I cannot say enough good things about. I highly recommend this course to anyone that can take it. I now feel confident that I am able to protect myself and loved ones not only with a firearm, but in emergency situations as well. Tony Nester gave us such great information and I am still in the process of getting my family completely prepared should the worst happen.
    The field training exercise that we did was not only incredibly informative, it was also a ton of fun. I would caution that this course is only for people that are serious about learning and protecting their families and themselves.
    I highly recommend this course, it is worth every penny.

  4. Dave Phillips

    Yet another wonderful specialized class put together by Stephen Grosch. I’ve done the VIP/Executive Protection class and Wilderness Survival 1 class with him as well, and am amazed each time.

    Before this class I had a passing knowledge of firearms. Shot them as kid and teenager and knew the basic safety precautions, and also would shoot some with friends after college, but always with someone that “knew how” guns worked. If I encountered one of the 3 malfunction types (commonly called a “jam”) I would hand it over to a friend to clear it, and while I could hit a target occasionally, I didnt know how to consciously improve on the “point and shoot” method I would do.

    After this class I feel competent, qualified, and justified to carry and use a firearm properly. All aspects of effective gun use, safety, maintenance, and advanced topics were covered in the 3 days that we were at the range. From safely and effectively drawing your firearm, to being able to clear the various possible types of malfunctions while firing, to being aware of where your shot is going and whether you are only going to hit the bad guy, to the “simple” art of hitting what you are aiming for, Stephen covered it all. And then we started doing these things one handed, including reloading and malfunction clearing (what happens if your arm is injured and you need to reload or clear a malfunction?) and effectively shooting while moving, and shooting in low light environments while using tactical flashlights to both see your target and conceal your own movement. And I almost forgot to mention things like shooting from various points during the draw in case you dont have the time (or the space) to fully extend your draw. These are things that you normally can’t do at a gun range, but because of Stephen’s qualifications as an instructor and the connections he has we were able to utilize the space as he saw fit for us to safely do. And then when we were done with all of that it was back to the classroom where we taught us how to take our guns apart and clean them using his own personal system, and then we were back at it practicing with dummy rounds!

    Just the firearms instruction alone would have been worth it, but then we had world class survival instructor Tony Nestor teach us his Urban Survival course. The lesson didnt end when the gun range closed, because then we kept going at our lodging location until close to midnight….and then started up class again by the pool the next morning, until it was finally time to start our final FTX (field training exercise), where we put the pieces together and completed a scenario over the course of 4 hours that used the skills and reinforced the lessons we learned during the Urban Survival portion of the class.

    Would def recommend to anyone if it was offered in the future, and if there is ever a level 2 course I’ll be planning to sign up for that as well (and will be preparing for that by practicing all of the drills that we learned in this class).

  5. Steven D. Powell, RN-BSN

    Been attending training intensives put on by Stephen Grosch for the past 2 years, and I keep coming back because the caliber of instruction is beyond compare. This course was especially fascinating, as what was learned (whenever it needs to be applied) I know will help protect me and my loved ones. The next time this course, or any other future training is put on, register IMMEDIATELY. And you will be sure to see me at the next course.

  6. Daniel Guess

    I went to this class because I wanted to learn the absolute best information on firearms.
    I wanted to have an idea of what to expect and what I should prepare for in a grid down situation. Some of the attendees had lived through natural disasters and school shootings, Life is unpredictable. Their stories reinforced what Stephen and his guest instructor were teaching.

    Having the confidence that you can take care of yourself, your family, in any situation is huge. I know that over the several days of classes I learned skills that would have taken me years to piece together.

    Stephen brings knowledge and techniques gathered by spending over a decade training, working, and teaching with some of the most legit and dangerous specialists on security and personal safety. And often has them join in teaching his courses.

    Its these kinds of trainings I wish were available to me sooner. As before, I am super impressed with the quality of training Stephen provides and how much my skills have improved by attending his Urban Survival Course.

    Again, thank you Stephen for putting these together.

  7. Dave Russell

    What is your greatest strength? Have any of your recent actions demonstrated this strength?

    So before I went to Ultimate Urban Survival class I had no idea what I was getting myself into being from Canada, my ultimate goal to learn urban survival was how to use my surroundings to do what I want and survive once I get there. I was taught a totally different idea of what it means to survive in an urban setting from the moment Stephen walked into the room the lesson started everything from tips to driving in the car in an urban area to the myriad reasons for remaining inconspicuous / the “grey man”…. At the end of the class all the students parted ways with a good idea of what was required to survive the world where common civilians have quit thinking and switched to primal survival mode(Zombies)so to speak. How to continue the learning, and a couple new friends… Stephen’s methods were professional, useful and entertaining. His knowledge base is very broad (a telltale of his experience and competence) also he understands how to convey his points and teachings. He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. I would recommend any of Stephen’s classes if they were half of what this one was.

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