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Worst DHV ever

DHV stands for Demonstration of Higher Value


A DHV is more than just a magic trick or a routine, while those can be DHVs (if done smoothly at the right time) many guys forget about the DHVs that are working for you every second, before you are even around a girl. eg. body posture, vocal projection, vocal tonality, body language, eye contact, fashion, hair, your teeth…(only listed a few that can be worked on pretty easily) If you don’t have those taken care of, then you are DLVing (Demonstrating Lower Value).

For some reason guys don’t want to work on those, they want to learn how to make a watch stop or how to CUBE a chick first…and IMO that is bad.


These last two weeks I have been discussing DHVs for hours and hours with students on my coaching calls. Many guys have an idea of what a DHV is, but are trying to force them WAY to hard to make it work effectively.  The other big issue is that while it might be a great DHV, but not for the reasons you think, so all of the high points they are trying to hit are way off the mark and it ends up almost doing more harm than good…


So what I thought would be cool to try for this post, in the comments below write out a few DHVs and give an example of how you use them or incorporate them into your PUA toolbox.


Next blog post I will give an example of how I DHV and how it does several awesome things all at the same time. (might have to make it a audio/video to convey what I need) and also give some feedback on the ones you guys list. I will also be actively commenting back giving more feedback and tips (unlike almost every other PUA who for some reason hate writing and posting on their OWN site??? WTF)


But I wanted to share this….I get asked some crazy fucking stuff….and as long as you guys are trying to improve I am always happy to help as much as I can.


Proof= my FREE Flashchats on my forum where you can ask some of the solid guys on my site for help for FREE


Well this actually came up in an OLD flashchat and I saved it, because it might be the WORST DHV I have ever heard!



[Mxxxxxxx] 5:38 pm: You’ve read the Da Vinci Code, right? I grew up in an Opus Dei environment and received the most warped sex education. I thought children were created through a “special embrace”. I had no idea what this “special embrace” was, but I was told that you can also get AIDS from it. I sadly resigned to the fact that I will marry someone special for who she is even if I don’t ever have sex with her because I didn’t want to get


[Mxxxxxxx] 5:39 pm: Anyway it’s Filipino custom to greet relatives and close friends with a kiss on the cheek LIKE THIS (demonstrate kiss on cheek) and I had this Uncle who always held my head like THIS and gave me a big beardy wet kiss RIGHT on the LIPS. It was like in slow motion everytime he’d go in for the kiss as I winced in helplessness. I panicked that I might be getting AIDS from my uncle. No tongue, just so you know.

[Mxxxxxxx] 5:39 pm: Anyway, my eyes were eventually opened and to this day I am AIDS-free, but that does not mean I still let my uncle plant a wet one on me.



So that is a pretty good example of how trying to convey to a chick that you are healthy and STD free (while a good thing) and trying to kino, if done poorly can do hurt more than help.


It also goes against one of my rules about bringing up AIDS within a few minutes after meeting someone (rape also falls into that category)


But better to find this out on an anonymous FREE forum where guys are here to help you…than to crash and burn with a hottie




OK comment below and lets try and make your DHVs kick ass!