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How do I get THIS ONE GIRL

In the middle of the night when guys are awake trying to figure out why they are STILL single and at their most desperate, they shoot me an email that starts off

“There is THIS ONE GIRL”

The great thing is once you level up, this is one of the most easily understood concepts and you don’t even waste time thinking about it, let alone losing sleep over it, again!

But when you are first starting out it is one of the hardest to understand….

So to make it super easy for you guys, and because I have gotten a little tired of answering this so many times over the last 10+ years, we shot a quick video about it to help you out=

Simply, it comes down to


There are lots of woman, many of whom are single and just HOPING a cool guy will come and approach them today!

All you have to do is talk to them, and decent at conveying how awesome you are.

If you aren’t approaching, if you can’t convey it, and if you aren’t the awesome version of yourself YET=