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2 lessons from dirty homeless people – that can help your game

“Holy shit, I just had to call someone and share this, I am stuck in traffic on Fairfax and there is some fat homeless lady SHITTING in the gutter!”


“Well….welcome to LA!”


Anyone who has been stuck in LA traffic knows how insane it is- and just so you guys can fully appreciate it, here is a vid I took years ago where a handicapped dude with a wonked up leg, gets around faster than me in my truck!



Now that you know clearly how bad it is, this intersection is even worse, 3 lights later and I haven’t moved an inch.

So when she pulled down her filthy purple sweat pants and just started shitting away next to the CVS, I was stuck there for all of it’s glory.


As she started taking care of business, I looked around at all of the people who were also witnessing this horrible, HORRIBLE sight, and to see their reactions. (I at least wanted to get something good out of this!)

People in the cars around me either didn’t even see it (great level of awareness) or they pretended like they didn’t.

Just then a small group exited the CVS and turned left, heading right towards her……finally something good was going to come of this, the guys and the girl would see it and FREAK OUT resulting in lulz


….at least I imagined they would


Slowly they got closer….and closer…UNTIL


The girl moved her head a few inches to her right….then shot it straight forward again as they walked past her.





As soon as they got a few steps past the mad shitter, I saw her elbow the guy on the left, her eyes grow large and she mouthed the words


They all looked over their shoulder for a second, turned around, exchanged a few words, but didn’t look back and didn’t stop walking.


So now one of the most horrible and disgusting sites I have ever witnessed in my life, only garnered a look and an elbow, thus resulting in me calling my friend to share it with her.


Afterwards it got me thinking, one of the BIGGEST fears guys have when approaching chicks is-




  • What if people are watching me hit on her?
  • What if I get rejected in front of people?
  • What if they hear what I say?
  • etc.

Well here is some news for you


The dirty homeles lady TAKING A SHIT proved this!
There she was, shitting for the whole world to see and













Guess what, you know how you (currently or use to) walk around in your own bubble, with your head down, missing most of what goes on in the world,  and worrying about everyone else judging you…


and the people who don’t, don’t give a fuck about you, and they sure as fuck don’t give a shit about you walking over to a girl and hitting on her!




So lesson #1 is




Next up is the fear of rejection


When was the last time a dirty bum hit you up for some spare change?

How many times has this happened in your whole life?

(hard to remember isn’t it?)


I have gotten pretty good with my serious face throughout the years, homeless people usually know better than to ask me. I also really HATE it when those fuckers hit me up.

Ya let me GIVE you some of my money, that I worked hard for, so you can go eat, or more likely, go get some drugs- FOR FREE!!!



(but I will be honest, the last one who hit me up outside the UPS store had a dog and got 75 cents from me, using the sympathy pet card…well played you dirty bearded fuck…well played)


If a bum had AA or was scared of being rejected, he wouldn’t be able to eat, or score!

I usually just ignore them, but man have I heard some HORRIBLE shit said to them in my life!

So I have rejected, or flat out ignored more bums than I could even guess, but seconds later when I get in my car, I don’t give them a second thought.

EVEN if I did, all day, until I was in bed that night looking up at the ceiling, shaking a fist and screaming




it would have 0% effect on him and the rest of his life

I guarantee he has already forgotten about it, so the only place that it would “live on” is in my mind.

-and back to lesson #1, even if someone else saw it, they wouldn’t care either.


Just like us walking out of the grocery store, and we see the homeless guy start to snap into action, we kick into autopilot mode and deal with it and either blow him off, make an excuse, ignore him, or give him something.

EVERY other homeless guy before him has helped program our reaction.

So lets flip it, you approach some hottie and she blows you off.

  • EVERY other guy who has approached her had a hand her her reaction to you, so don’t take it personally.
  • 2nd, if she does blow you out, seconds later she has ALREADY FORGOTTEN about you and isn’t giving you a 2nd thought, so why are you?
  • 3rd even if she DID, all that night she kept fuming over the guy who talked to her and asked her about her opinion on something, she went home and took off her push up bra and fake eyelashes, and was looking in the mirror with bloodshot eyes full of anger towards you- you would’t even know and it has 0% effect on you.

So lesson #2 is


-IF you let it

The worst sex of my life (inner game breakthrough)

Many guys I have met comment on how “rock solid” my inner game is and want to know what courses I took or what books I read to get there.

The truth is I didn’t do either of those things.

I had learned throughout the years that the only way to get good at something is to practice it, eg. martial arts and firearms training. My confidence in those skill sets came from my competence. As my shot groups got tighter, faster, and from further away of course I got more confident in my skills.

I also knew that it was a waste of time to compare myself to anyone. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there were always going to be guys who would be better than me. Whether they were training for a longer or shorter time. All that mattered was that I was better than I was last week, or last month, or last year.

It also just naturally clicked in my head that even if I was just able to hang a little longer before getting tapped out in class, THAT was something to be proud of.  Soon I was rolling and guys who use to be able to tap me out 10 times in a row, were REALLY struggling to get me to tap a few times, or not at all. THAT was something to be proud of.

Soon I was starting to tap some guys out, and once again that small goal gave me a positive feeling and reinforced my decision to train. SO when I got into Pick Up and had my eye opening revelation that this IS something you can learn, I carried over the lessons I had already learned while mastering or becoming proficient in others skill sets.

I am sure you can find something that resonates with you. Playing music, golf, surfing, hell even playing Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.  At first you are getting your ass kicked, but soon you start beating players, then the game, then you get to the point where you can beat the game with any character.

I also had amazing breakthrough one day.

Before I was the type of guy who was ALWAYS worried about what other people thought of me. If I was walking to class and tripped and people saw it, I would be mortified for the rest of the day.

I could never run out the door, I ALWAYS had to take time getting ready. Not saying you shouldn’t care what you look like and always try to look your best, but I would not go do something like run to the bank if I only had a few minutes before closing, because I didn’t have time to take a shower or do my hair.

Even something like picking my nose in my car (again not saying you should, but I was too worried what the person in the car next to me would think to even TRY it, even though I would never see them again seconds later)

So I decided to start living my life for ME.

I realized that for a long time I had been giving control of my life over to others. I was thinking and acting how I thought other people would respond positively to, and then it hit me.

I was letting my brain convince me that it knew what complete strangers where thinking which then led to me changing my behavior.

Think about that for a second. I was giving control of my life over to people I would never see again. The worst part was, I wasn’t even really giving them control, I was giving control to what I THOUGHT they were thinking.

and that is a shitty way to live.

So once I had that revelation I knew the next step was to start working on my competency in hitting on girls, and the only way to do that is to go out and try it…a lot!


I also told you guys that I would share with you the story about the chick who stood me up…I really didn’t want to write the whole story about but feel like I have to now.


So I was still hung up on the girl who stood me up. She was actually pretty hot, had a giant rack, and was 20 years old so those tits were still nice and firm. She also played video games and was into anime, even doing some cosplay dress up (and was one of the hottest of them)

So when she called me a few weeks after New Years and apologized for standing me up, I was trying to not cave but her looks, me just getting divorced and knowing the x was getting railed by a new guy, and me not having any other options or choices with women at the time, led to giving her another chance.

She had never done this before, felt horrible, and was going to make it up to me. She promised that she was going to take me to her favorite mexican food place and would pay for dinner. I said sure and we made plans.

We hit the restaurant a few days later. It was a little hole in the way place and the food was HORRIBLE. I know good mexican food and this place sucked (she burned me again! LOL)

Right as the bill was coming she got up to go to the bathroom…

There was NO WAY I was going to pay for this shitty food so I waited….and waited.

The waiter comes by and clears the table and looks at the check….looks at me and walks away.

He comes by at least 2 more times and I am just sitting there waiting (before iPhones so just sitting there)

It is now almost 10 fucking minutes I have been sitting there waiting and all I can think of is she is in the bathroom and reliving the scene from Dumb and Dumber and having explosive diarrhea.

She also didn’t have a purse so there was no way she had any baby wipes with her (you are no better than a monkey or caveman if you don’t have wipes in your bathroom) so was already thinking the worst.

FINALLY after 10 fucking minutes she comes out, pays the bill and acts like she was gone for 20 seconds.

We end up leaving and heading back to my place. All my brain is thinking about is what I imagined happening in that bathroom.

Soon we end up back at my place and we hang out for a little, then we end up getting close and making out. Pretty soon those giant tittays are out and I am enjoying them.

We end up in my bed and we start getting naked.

As we start to fuck, all I can think about is my x-wife, this chick’s 10 minute trip to the bathroom doing God knows what to that toilet, no baby wipes, how I am going to have to wash my sheets as soon as she leaves….

Which of COURSE results in the worst sex I have ever had in my entire life.

It’s over in less than 3 minutes, but thinking it was closer to 2 minutes…

I roll off of her and tell her

“……..I’m……..I’m sorry……….”

Needless to say I never head from her again.

I also threw my sheets in the washer as soon as she left. LOL

It took a few girls before I started to feel my mojo coming back in the bedroom. Which is why I recommend getting those bad dates and lays out of the way ASAP after a painful break up.

(next update will be about how I started going out and trying to sarge, and how the very first opener used that night was called out by a girl)

Online Game 2.0 is LIVE!!!!

I am very happy to share this with you guys.

It took a little longer than I hoped to create (it always does) but I wanted to make it as awesome as possible for you guys.

I am VERY proud of this program and can not wait for you to start experiencing just a piece of the amazing life I have.

See ya on the forum!!!


Just added this vid. he felt like coming up to tell me he thought my presentation (a condensed version of the 2.0 program) at the 2010 PUA SUMMIT was solid, so I got a quick clip


Online Game 2.0 coming soon

The contest we ran for the beta testers was a blast. I am currently putting the final touches on my new ONLINE GAME PROGRAM.

Guys have been posting on my forum, PMing me, emailing me, and Facebooking me asking for more info.

So making this post to answer those questions (and because I can just link you here 🙂

First off, I hate e-books. I have never read an entire one, and can’t stand it when someone asks a simple question they get directed to a 96page ebook to find the answer. I also have 1000’s of pages of ebooks saved which I am 100% sure I will never read.

That brings up my next point, saving this stuff on your computer. I love organizing my shit, but if the hard drive crashes, your laptop gets stolen, or there is a fire, you loose everything. That is why I made the switch to gmail and google docs a while ago, and helped all the other Stylelife coaches use it. In the cloud is the future. I even got rid of my TV years ago and have using Hulu, Netflix and torrents just fine. If you loose the DVD or scratch it you are fucked. If you want to just watch a small clip on it, it takes 20 mins to load it and fast forward to find it.

Which brings up the next point. How many people buy CDs anymore? DVDs? Video Games? Books? Those are all dying out. I transferred all my music to digital, and did the same with my favorite movies. I can access them instantly thru my PS3 for movie nights with the ladies.  After my last move I wanted to get rid of most of my books, now with the iPad and kindle, so are others.

Because this is MY site, I can create a program exactly the way I want. (it’s good to be the king).

So all the shit that always bugged me about all the PUA products out there (besides most of them sucking and they guys selling them are just trying to make a quick buck) I decided not to do.

I had to figure out a way to get the information from my brain to your brain as efficiency and effectively as possible.

And I have to admit, I am really proud with the solution I came up with.

Almost everyone watches movies online, and for the few who haven’t you have at LEAST watched YouTube clips. So my ONLINE GAME training video will be available to you 24/7, instantly streaming. You can watch it as many times as you want, from where ever you want. This is my newest and most up to date tactics for getting girls on dating sites, how to pick the best site, and everything you need to pimp out your page.

Just a few of the tips from the video alone has led to results like this-

I ran across a post of Bravo’s on an internet discussion forum, where he talked about ways to stand out and get women to respond to you on internet dating sites.
As with most things, I was pretty skeptical. I’ve heard plenty of guys claiming to be a super stud, only to turn out to be a loser dud.
After following the discussion for several days and seeing other members replying and claiming they had used the methods he was promoting, and were now getting noticed by women, I started to get a peaked interest.
To be completely honest though, I decided to move forward with his advice, half because I figured what the hell, anything is worth a shot, and the other half thinking I can expose this guy and those replies a probably his best friends backing him up.
So, I diligently followed his advice, word for word. I wasn’t going to mess this up by slightly changing something and leave him a door to blame any failure on my changes.
Up to that point, I had been on this particular dating site for a few months and had only gotten a handful of replies, and only a couple worth even replying to, using a profile I created myself, and thought was pretty good.
I replaced this all with the suggestions Bravo had made.
Within 3 hours I had 2 replies, both from cute looking girls!
Oh well, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, right?
I went to bed that night slightly intrigued with the 2 ladies that had suddenly shown an interest in me.
The next day I was busy and didn’t get to check online until late in the evening. Not even 24 hours had passed, and when I logged in I was shocked. I had 17 women who had send my messages! And at least 6 of them were very attractive girls that seemed to offer other great attributes, like shared interests, good humor, and similar goals.
I was blown away. Consider me a skeptic no more.- BKViper

more can be found as comments on my blog

Also in the 1 hour vid I teach you how to transition OFF the website to the phone and later how to plan the dates.

The next issue I wanted to deal with was the lame ass E-BOOKS. Ever if you read thru it all you have to bookmark sections that are helpful, then have to hand type anything back out.

So I wanted any of the tips I type up for you guys, to be able to not only be read anytime and anywhere, but also so you could just copy/paste it directly to your page.

Need help with an ABOUT ME section on your profile? Here are proven examples I have used, just copy and maybe change 5 words to personalize!

And finally the biggest issue. Once you purchase a product, and the company has your money, they don’t give a shit about you or how you do. Hell just trying to get customer service on the phone for a change of address or refund sometimes seems impossible. So what I decided to do is incorporate my entire ONLINE GAME PROGRAM into my website and onto the most popular section, my forum.

I am really proud of my PUA forum, after running the Stylelife Forums for years (85,000+ members) I got to see the best and the worst of them. I also am the most active Master PUA on the forums and the most accessible to everyone.

So I wrapped everything together.

When you purchase my online game program you will get special access to a private section of my forum. In the section is my ONLINE GAME training video, which ALONE will take your digital game to the next level. But because this section is private we can all share and critique our personal pages, everyone will be adding to the body of knowledge so we always have to most up to date and cutting tactics, I have also posted some direct transcripts of conversations and routines I constantly use to build a connection.

You can also post any question you want, and get direct feedback from everyone else in this private section of ours.

Oh and the best part, a 1 time flat fee that is less than a few months on some of the current most popular dating sites.

The tips you will learn from me, will save you more money than that in the long run.

Anyways that is the update for now, I had a date with a girl from an online site yesterday, I have another one with a girl from a different sites today (one who contacted me first!) and am teaching and hanging at the PUA summit all weekend (if you come by please say HI, would like to grab lunch or dinner with some of the guys there)

I will be launching this program with a special discounted rate next week. If you want to be the first to know put your name and email in the box to the right of this post, so you don’t miss the introduction sale.

See ya on the forum!

FREE online game coaching & help me BETA test

I JUST posted this on my forum, but want to make sure all of my blog readers get the heads up and do not miss their chance-

I have been trying to develop a way that I can pass on my PUA skills to you guys in the coolest and most effective way possible.

I have been into the Pick Up scene for almost 5 years. In that time I went from a depressed overweight guy who was divorced at 25, to attracting and dating some amazing women, teaching alongside Neil Strauss aka Style for years at The Stylelife Academy and coaching thousands of men across the world in all areas of seduction.

I was known as the ALPHA MALE around Stylelife, and only decided to get into online dating because I thought it would be a cool topic to teach at a conference. I then took MONTHS trying crack the code of online dating using the tools I had developed thru my unique style of pick up.

Soon I was having girls message me almost daily, and these were some HOT ass chicks, and began having some insane nights (a few of the craziest LRs can be found on my forum)

After I taught it at the Spring Conference Neil came up to me and said it was the best presentation he had ever seen, and that even though our normal policy was NOT to speak at outside events, when anyone called to see if we would for now on, he was going to have ME teach Online Game.

…still mind blowing

I have since overhauled the entire system into what I am calling Online Game 2.0

The problem I faced was trying to figure out a way to get the information out of my brain and into your guy’s brains.

So I developed a NEW system on how to do that

The OLD way
(I still have never in my life finished reading one of these and hate them, have to back them up in case your computer crashes, sucks reading on laptops)

(Waiting 3 months for them to show up, poor quality, very hard to rewatch and find the section you want, having to HIDE THEM so guests don’t see them)

(who the fuck even buys CDs any more?)

Not only do I NOT buy CD’s anymore, I am done buying DVDs and books!

Since I am the most ACTIVE and reachable MPUA I decided that if I ever DID make a product I had to do it in the coolest format I could.

So I did

The problem= even though I think it is awesome, you guys might not.

So I need your help

I need some beta testers.

This may totally not work out, and I may have to make some DVDs if I ever want to get my Online Game 2.0 out there, but I hope with some feedback and help that won’t happen.

SO what I decided to do is have a contest to pick 3 BETA testers.

If you are selected you will actively work with me on making this as awesome as possible.

You will get my cell phone number, we will talk on the phone, I will help you learn my Online Dating System totally for free, to see if this works.

Now onto the HUGE 2 conditions-

1. Since I only want someone who is eager to learn and push the boundaries there is a contest that is starting RIGHT NOW. You must go out this weekend and get a picture of you having fun, doing something crazy, making out with a chick, having sex with a chick (cock free pic please) SOMETHING AWESOME and EPIC. In the pic you must be giving the Vulcan “live long and prosper” hand sign (it doesn’t have to be the focus of the pic, just in it so I can tell it is for this contest)

So not only do you get to have a chance at winning, but you also have an excuse to go out and have some fun!

2. Since it always bugs me when people do contests like this and “randomly” pic a winner, and it turns out the winner is NOT random, OR many times a guy who just swooped in and won, I am only letting members of my forum enter this contest. Furthermore I am only allowing GOLD MEMBERS enter.


THOSE are the guys who are supporting the forum, giving back to others, and because of that get a shot at winning.
like I said in the GOLD NAME thread, you don’t have to be a GOLD NAME to be on my forum, but for the guys who help support the site and support me, sure as shit I am going to try and do cool stuff for them back

So that is the deal, post 1 awesome pic in this threadGOLD NAMERS only, giving the Vulcan hand sign

the contest ends on Sept 7th at midnight (more time for Labor Day)

I will then pick 3 winners and we will work together and see if this whole thing works out

Hidden camera in field DAY game pick up of Bravo

Once again, this video should NOT be online, and will not be surprised if it is removed soon.

Video set up=

When the Stylelife gang went down to Miami Beach last year to PROVE that pick up works across the US, we also decided to PROVE that canned routines still work.

I was going out all day shooting, taking a nap, then going out and shooting all night. It actually was a lot of work and very stressful. Think about how you feel opening a set, worried that other people are going to see. Now think how it would feel to have it video taped, knowing that Style is going to watch it, all your friends will, and it will be online forever…that is pressure.

But still I wanted to have fun with it, so even though I personally do NOT use canned and scripted game when picking up, I wanted to demo it, because in my opinion every guy who gets into pick up needs to learn it. So instead of asking the 5 oceans opener, I decided to dumb it down and make it the 1 ocean opener.

Now if I was just running my natural & direct style of game, I would have taken a MUCH different path, including when she brought up her ethnic background. But because I was trying to demo a solid stack I stuck to the scripts and plowed, and you can see that it worked out pretty well. She did ask WHY I was asking this, and the reason why is because I didn’t root it, which I usually do not do. I don’t like doing anymore work than I have to do and very rarely gets asked WHY I am doing something. You can also see that it wasn’t a big deal.

So the ocean opener that worked at night also worked during the day, just as well. As did noticing her rings (possible ring routine) and talking about astrology (which I hate).

Discussion welcome below