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Postby DJNinja » Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:00 pm

I've been posting Same Day Field Reports from X2, and now that I have time, I'm condensing all of my stories into one big fat cunt of a field report for easy archiving and stickying.

This first post will be the links to the original Same Night FRs (yes, most of which were written after we had gone out, wrecked Phoenix, came back, and debriefed) as well as the FRs from fellow members of The Class, and below, you'll find the good stuff. In this way, you can read the different perspectives from all of us and get a sense of how lifechanging & transformative the entire experience was.

DJNinjaMusic's Unabridged Project X2 Same Day Field Reports, with your comments
Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Rockstar's Team RRIM-Job Adventures
Day 0
Day 1
Day 2

The Icebolt eXperience
Day 0 & 1

PX2: A Dumb Fucking Brit's Guide, by Moiser

Project X2: The Weekend Journey of a Lifetime, by Rogue (with pics!)

Here we go!
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Re: PROJECT X2: DAY 0 Part 1

Postby DJNinja » Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:02 pm

The adventure of a lifetime begins with a single plane ride...

Click here for the original Same Day Field Report and comments

At HNL, opened a cute college-student-looking girl, chatted about pets, DQed her for liking cats, got lightly hit on the arm (IOI). Told her about a friend of mine who's a dog person but saved a cat, and now the cat is the light of his life. (Thanks, Bravo!) She is going to Vegas, so I DHVed about my birthday adventures last September in Vegas, teased her about this being her first time there ("You've never been there? What, are you 10?"). Kino was pretty decent, got a hug at the end as she was boarding, and the number close.

On the plane, had a nice natural conversation with the girl sitting next to me. Found out that she wants to be a wedding/event planner, which made for a great transition into DHV stories about my career in the wedding industry. Stacked nicely into a future projection ("What are the chances of you, who's had experience in the food & beverage industry as well as planning your friends' parties on the side, end up sitting next to a guy who works in the industry?") Together, I help her visualise starting her own event planning business, get her excited about the possibilities.

Lots of common ground, good kino ( a couple of times I "accidentally" put my hand on her leg, and she let me put it there). Talked about Vegas with her; found out she's only been there once, so used the "What, are you 10?" line again to good response (giggle & playful punch on the shoulder--IOI). Talked about Vegas' relaxed liquor laws, which transitioned nicely into my Drinks Cold Read DHV routine. Got the number close, found out that she's moving to Hawaii from Phoenix in a few months, so I seeded a bunch of fun stuff to do when she gets to Hawaii as well as getting her connected to people in the special event industry in Hawaii. "Something dirty" text to confirm the number and give her my digits.

It's definitely an IOI when she gets off the plane first but waited at the gate for me to deplane and walk with me to baggage claim. Found out later she didn't have a checked-in bag...she just wanted to walk with me to baggage claim. WINNING. Got a hug before she left.

Got picked up by Boom, crashing at his place tonight, grateful for his gracious hospitality. He truly is as awesome in person as he is here online.

More to come, this is ONLY the beginning.
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Re: PROJECT X2: Day 0 Part 2

Postby DJNinja » Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:03 pm

Click here for the original Same Day FR and comments

Later that night, The Class rolled with the Desert Kings on their weekly roll through Mill Avenue. Their graciousness and hospitality are most appreciated.

Opened a three set with Five Oceans, stacked into a DHV story about Vegas, got them hooked and laughing, had to eject because the crew wanted a pic. The set left, but it's ok, it was a good interaction, felt natural.

Randomly ran into Bravo, Maestro, and Farmer at a bar. They said hi and walked back with us to the hotel to pick up Rogue4Life, who came in late.

Rogue4Life, despite being jetlagged, opened a set, did well. Can't really write much about it because I was in set when it happened, but he said it went well.

Icebolt popped his cold approach cherry and ran his first in-field opener. EVAR. Using the "Can you take a pic of my group of friends" situational opener. He felt so free and awesome after that he repeated the opener on at least one more set. WINNING. Watch out for him, he'll be killing it by Sunday.

Pictures from last night may or may not exist.

Time for sleep, Project X2 officially begins in 9 hours...
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Postby DJNinja » Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:05 pm

This is a quick field report, written at 3:40am, and we have to start early, but wanted to express the highlights and say some things about what you all are missing.

Click here to read the Same Day Field Report & comments

Started the day early yesterday at 9:30am. Over 10 hours of instruction. So much to learn in such a short amount of time. Brand new openers, DHVs, transitions...seriously, some intense shit that only a few people have ever seen. INTENSE best describes the experience. And this is just the first day!

The in-field experience...WOW. We set our goals "easy" for the first night...and EASILY surpassed them. Here are some highlights:

Cinema & I set some lofty goals...we fell short by ONE number close each. BUT...for a guy who just learned how to read tarot cards, Cinema made readings like he's a longtime mystic.

I did pretty well with my sets, with my favorite being a four set that totally hooked right away...and a coach jumped in and handled THREE obstacles while I did my thing with my target. WINNING.

Rockstar33 was a rock star and set a goal of opening 10 sets...he lost count somewhere after 20.

Moiser opened a set and set the record for the night's longest interaction...completely hooked them sowell that they didn't want him to leave...

Hilarious moment of the night #1: I opened a set with Five Oceans AND GOT CALLED OUT ON IT. The girl says, "You got that line from a book, didn't you?" So I OWNED it: "Yeah, and you're totally digging it, aren't you?" So she shit tests me: "Am I on a TV show?" So I roleplay, agree, and amplify: "Yeah, there's cameras there, there, and there, you're actually on America's Funniest Pickup Lines. And you're helping me win!" She wasn't fun, so Farmer & I ejected. Two minutes later, Rockstar opens the same set...with the same opener! Needless to say, he was blown out, and we all joked afterward that the whole crew should re-open them with the same opener just to fuck with them...but they couldn't handle our awesomeness, so they left.

HIlarious moment of the night #2: A girl called Bay a douchebag. Because Bay number-closed DoucheGirl's friend.

Hilarious moment of the night #3: A girl called Moiser a douchebag. Cinema, who was winging, said that Moiser is an awesome guy. The girl's friends all said that Moiser is an awesome guy. Hell, LameChick's friends LOVED Moiser. Bowing to social pressure, LameChick backtracked and said she didn't mean that Moiser was a douchebag...

Rogue opened a hot four set...then dealt with THREE SUCCESSIVE AMOG ATTEMPTS. And he handled them LIKE A CHAMP. Brushed it off like dirt off his shoulder.

I opened a hot three set. Some jackass comes in and tries to AMOG me by sexing up my tie, but right away, Rogue comes in and deals with him, letting me work the set. Afterward, I learned an awesome anti-AMOG trick to deal with it, but it was just so nice to have awesome wings to work with.

Right before leaving, a chick opened Moiser! She was qualifying herself, kino'ing him, running shit tests on him, practically throwing herself to him. He didn't even have to lift a finger, this girl was completely into him. Normally we're taught not to stare at the set, but she was so into him that she didn't care that we were watching and laughing in the background...

Icebolt won the MVP of the night. For a guy who did his first cold approach EVAR two days ago, he got a FUCKING IN-FIELD THREE WAY MAKEOUT with two HOT chicks. 24 hours after his first cold approach! He even pulled one chick's hair...and she loved it. (Up next: rimjobs and two girls sucking his dick? Hey, It could happen...)

And THAT, gentlemen, is the power of Bravo's Project X.

If you want to get in for X3, start saving money NOW and become more active in the forums. PROVE that you deserve to be here. No excuses, no bullshit, because this is absolutely one of the best things you will live through.

And remember, I'm writing this only the first day. TWO MORE FUCKING DAYS! I've written too much, time to pass out.
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Postby DJNinja » Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:07 pm

Click here for the original Same Day Field Report & comments

Some of the memories here may be a bit hazy, since I'm writing this two days after it happened, couldn't write it up the night of because we ended very late the night before and had to get up early for Steve P's presentation the next day. Therefore, no time for a Same Night Field Report.


The day started around 11am with a thorough debrief of the action from the night before. Bravo, Maestro, and Farmer gave helpful and detailed critiques of everyone's performance, giving us ideas and helpful advice to calibrate better for next time in field.

Maestro gave an awesome presentation on D2s, going over some new ideas and expanding on the original ideas from his How To Guide for Day 2s. If you think his guide is good, you should see and hear some of the new and innovative ideas he had just for Project X students...needless to say, I can't wait to start using them on my D2s.

Bravo taught us astrology, advanced cold reading, and filled our brains with more ideas... Overwhelming is a good way to describe the experience.

Cinema taught us basic photography technique, giving us ideas to take better pictures.

There were a few more things to consider, then it was time for a long break. We had time to rest, get ready, and chill before the epic night ahead.

I chose to meditate and take a nap, since I was strung up and out-of-state, which helped me get back into state and ready for a night of awesomeness.

Icebolt had concerns about his wardrobe. He originally wanted to wear the same style he wore the night before, but The Class pitched in and helped him create a look that screamed bad-ass. He rocked an awesome, preppy look--with him and me rocking ties, we looked like sexy beasts.

I had to laugh when I realised how far we've come: imagine six guys crammed into a room giving fashion advice to one another. How...metrosexual.

Dinner was at Five Guys Burgers. Delicious burgers and awesome fries.

Rogue threw down the gauntlet by opening the first set of the night at the restaurant. He ran it like a champ, blowing out the guy that his target was with and totally AMOGing the poor guy. Hey, it's not Rogue's fault that he's awesome and that the other dude was not...

We went to work at the first location.

For the first set I opened, I went in with too much energy and got blown out. In fact, Maestro tells me that I was too much energy for that section of the bar, so he advised me to bounce to another area...Hahaha, calibrated for next time, go in with the right energy. I guess I was psyched up and ready to roll!

I opened more sets, and since I was in set a lot, I didn't see how others were doing, although it's safe to assume they were kicking ass too.

The memorable set for me was a mixed four-set, two girls and two guys. Opened with a quick "Hey, do you have gum?" opener, stacked into my Drinks DHV routine, which led into a DHV story about my epic birthday weekend in Vegas back in September.

I tell the set that "I'm hanging out with a bunch of friends from across the world this weekend, we get together at different cities each month to hang out, and this month happens to be here in Arizona." HBMexTat asks me where I'm from. I tell her that I'm from Hawaii. She hooks and asks me if I speak Hawaiian. Perfect! I stack into a DHV routine where I teach bits of the Hawaiian language which I usually use for tourist game back home but was perfect here. I teach the set a few basic words, then win them over when I give her a long word, then bust her for butchering it. It's cute, and I've won her and her set over, so I go for the number bueno.

Bravo later tells me that I didn't check for logistics of the set, and that he thinks that one of the guys was eyeing me out funny and may have been MexTat's boyfriend.

Fortunately, every time I pass the set, I casually re-open by asking MexTat to say the long Hawaiian word, then teasing her, then ejecting. This built the tension up so by the time we were ready to bounce to the next bar, she was good to go. I re-open the set, run Five Oceans for practice, but after telling her the answer, I tell her to pull out her phone and google she does I pull out my phone and prep it so that when she's done verifying the five oceans, I simply hand her my phone, seed a fun activity for the next day, then get her digits. Smooooth...

The second place is a nightclub very much like the clubs I roll to in Hawaii, so it's good ground for me. The women are HOT, and the guy-to-girl ratio is awesome. We work some magic and get through VIP. WINNING.

We roll in and go to work. Lots of sets opened by everyone, so here are some highlights:

I open a two set, HBAccountant and her friend TheHog. TheHog is the mother hen cockblocker, and as I'm trying to DHV, TheHog keeps shit-testing me. Rogue to the rescue! He jumps in and does an AWESOME job winging. TheHog throws almost every imaginable shit test at him, even calling him out on some magic and some routines, even calling Rogue gay at one point, but he holds his frame and handles the shit tests well until TheHog finally leaves. Thanks Rogue!

Meanwhile, I work my magic on Accountant, get into some comfort and am doing quite well.

Just as I'm about to number-close, TheHog returns! By then, everybody else is in set, so no wings to deal with her, and she cockblocks me from getting Accountant's number. Oh well, Accountant can blame her stupid fat friend for losing out on my cock.

Rockstar is on fire! Rockstar is spitting direct game like an uncaged hungry beast unleashed into a field of sexy kittens. He's opening sets, getting numbers, and being a rock star. Beastmode engaged!

Just as we're leaving, the DJ throws on my jam...

Any time Party Rock Anthem comes on, I must shuffle.

So I shuffle.

This is my DHV at clubs.

I get two girls freaking me, including a hot girl sandwich with me and a wing doubleteaming this hot brunette chick.

Icebolt later tells me that I'm getting IOIs from AT LEAST five chicks, including one girl who tells him, "I want to dance with him, but I can't dance." Later on, I find out she was from one of the sets I opened at the first bar. Oh well, her loss.

We bounce.

At the final place, shit goes down.

Icebolt gets AA. Bravo gives him a great pep talk to get him back into state.

Cinema opens a set and is running it like a champ. Meanwhile, a dude starts hovering over him and starts SCREAMING at him. Farmer steps in as the Bravohood goes on alert, and when AMOG meets Farmer, he backs down.

What makes this amazing is that, the whole time this guy is screaming at Cinema behind his back, Cinema kept his cool and kept running his Game. Talk about a major DHV to remain calm & collected in the face of adversity...

Rogue[code][/code] opens a large mixed set in costume and finds out they're celebrating Mardi Gras. (WTF??) He asks to borrow the masks and hats that they're wearing, and takes pictures with all of the hot girls. WINNING.

I open a mixed three-set, two girls and one guy. I find out the guy is from Hawaii, and we instantly make a connection. HBKailua joins the conversation, and the guy tells me that she's from Hawaii too! We talk about common places & things and get into a great natural conversation. I find out she's living in AZ for school but will be graduating in May and coming home over the summer, so I seed some fun things to do when she gets home, number-close her, and check for flakiness with the "Something Dirty" text.

Complete debrief with Bravo and the coaches after to review highlights and sticking points.

Overall, we all upped our game last night, stepped outside of our comfort zone, and kicked ass. More importantly, WE HAD FUN.

And isn't it what it's all about?

Day 3 coming soon.
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Postby DJNinja » Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:10 pm

Click here to read the original Same Day Field Report & comments

Wow, what an epic weekend.

Day 3 started early. Keep in mind, we stayed out in-field all the way until 2am the night before, then debriefed until at least 3:30am, then had to be in the conference room promptly at 9:20am. Needless to say, Red Bull was our bitch that morning.

Steve P and his assistant delivered an INSANE hypnosis session that locked in EVERYTHING we learned the last few days into our subconscious. He put all of us under, embedded the awesomeness into our minds, then brought us back feeling fulfilled and enthusiastic. Then he talked about cunts, tantra, erotic massage, and about mind blowing. I need to get a massage table...

Inside joke #1: Completely Useless, Needs Training.
Inside joke #2: Steve P-isms, too many to list, but totally awesome

Now that the serious mindfucking was complete, it was time for fun, Bravohood-style.

First stop: the gun range! Bravo taught us basic firearms safety. We got to fire various handguns and an assault rifle. Talk about fun! If the only gun you've fired is on your PS3/XBox 360 playing Call of Duty, you're missing out. Firing the real deal is an awesome adrenalin rush.

And this time, no awkward "Who didn't sign the form?" moment!

Then it was to the mall for lunch, some fashion advice, and daygame.

After a delicious meal together, Bravo & Farmer took some of us to various stores, where the sales representatives helped us with our style and gave us ideas on how to improve our looks. Rockstar got a great fashion makeover, which helped solidify his confidence and made him quite the sexy beast.

Meanwhile, Maestro took others to go daygaming, giving them some realtime feedback on their approaches.

It was back to the hotel for some administrative work that Bravo & Farmer needed to do in one room, while Maestro continued to teach and answer questions in the other.

We got together one last time at Gordon Biersch for dinner. Laughs were shared, "awards" were "presented," stories were told, food & drink were consumed. (First time we all drank together during Project X, as the rule was no alcohol during X since alcohol is a crutch.) We relived the memories and excitement of the weekend, with teachers and students feeling grateful for the entire experience.

Dinner ended, as as we gathered outside Gordon Biersch to say our goodbyes, there was an incredible sense of cameraderie and bond among everyone. A shared experience that only a few have ever lived through. Officially, Project X2 was done, but the adventure for all of us was just beginning. The next day, everyone would start going back to their respective corners of the world to bring awesomeness and joy to wherever they are, but in that brief moment, everyone felt and understood how lifechanging this experience was.

PROJECT X. It isn't just about picking up chicks and learning to be social.

It's about creating lifetime friendships, and creating an awesome lifestyle that permeates through everything you do: everything I learned this weekend will apply to my career, my business, my social life, sex...

It was absolutely worth the investment. So if you're on the fence about the next one, start being more active on the forums and save your money NOW. It's worth it. When Bravo announces the next one, you don't want to be the guy with the EXCUSES:

- Don't have money
- Don't have the time
- Don't think I'm good enough

All of us made sacrifices to be here.

Cinema took some time away from his videography business to be here, running his company from his cell phone in between classroom sessions and before going out. Rogue took a few days off from classes. Rockstar took some vacation time from work.

I lived on chicken breasts and eggs for the months leading up to X2, only spending money on food whenever I went out with friends. I cut back on A LOT of unneccessary expenditures. Moiser & Icebolt spent a lot of money on airfare, coming in from England and Canada respectively, in addition to the cost of tuition.

All of us had doubts leading up to it. But if you get chosen, know this: you get chosen because Bravo feels that you deserve to be here, that you are ready to level up your game and need that extra "push" to get there, so just simply getting accepted means that you're not just good're awesome already.

No excuses, no bullshit. This is a lifechanging experience that you will want to be a part of, an opportunity for incredible personal growth that you do not want to miss.

And now, some inside jokes for my X brothers and coaches:

Laughing yoga.
Fish tail!
Serial killer.
Stop chewing gum and sticking out your tongue.
Get your hands out of your pockets.
You came in too loud, I think you freaked out this section of the bar.
Bravo's an asshole.
Completely Useless, Needs Training.
Rogue and the epic number-close on his arm.
Your friend is a douchebag, why is she giving him her number? She has a boyfriend!
Alcohol is a crutch.
Sleep is a crutch.
Everything is a crutch.
Bitches be crazy, yo.
Standing or sitting?
Cheesesteaks aren't real unless they're from Philly.
"You think she's jailbait?" "Yup." "That one?" "Yup." "How about that one?" (60 year old granny) "I'd hit it."
"Hey Bay, target on your six, coming down the stairs, open her." (60 year old granny) Hahaha!

Feel free to add more!
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Postby poly » Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:53 am


Reading this brings back so many memories. Sounds like you guys had the time of your lives... just like I had last year. So pissed I couldnt make it, but I have grand plans in the mix and will def be around for number 3.

awesome work with the write up DJ, everyone reading this shoud get super amped up and start saving for a chance at PX3. This is a life changing experience and for you guys who are returning back to your normal lives after PX2 remember to not lose monentum. Find something to anchor you back to this experience and use it to continue pusshing yourself when you are out in the field (I use the 4 horseman ring that I have tied around a chain cause it fits none of my fingers after i fucked them up last year, lol) It has helped me out so many times in field.
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Postby Stephen » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:26 am

thank you for writing this up and laying all of the other threads out

PX2 was awesome

BOTH Project X's were, and PX was something I always dreamed about

so seeing stuff like this is extra cool for me because it reaffirms everything I thought.

Couldn't be more proud of all of you guys and your transformations!

"Eighty percent of success is showing up" James Allen

When in doubt just think...
WWBD™ = What Would Bravo Do
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Postby DJNinja » Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:01 am

Just reading through it again brought up all of the good memories, as well as inspiring me to keep moving forward

And after last Sunday's followup conference call, it really is amazing to see how far we've all come.

Thanks again for everything, Bravo. You definitely are the real deal.
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Postby DJNinja » Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:40 am

Bumping this, as the X3 guys begin their journey to awesomeness in less than nine hours
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