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Postby Monteray » Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:45 am

Well where do I begin, I could talk for weeks about project X, my mind is still spinning from the immense amount of knowledge that was crammed into my skull over three days. I could tell you that my mind was blown, but I would be lying, it was obliterated by a nuclear bomb of fucking awesome.

It all started for me at home in Sydney trying to comprehend what I had just gotten myself into. Ya that’s right you just paid all this money to someone you have never met 8000 miles away in another country. But fuck it, I can’t wait to get there, this is going to be intense, I read and re-read all the previous PX field reports trying to get an idea about what I was about to walk into, but none of that could prepare me for what was to come.

Thursday rolls around and I meet archer in Santa Monica, we are road trippin it down to phoenix from LA, 7 hours later we arrive at the hotel, thiga is out the front and we go through the introductions. We go into the hotel and bravo and all the brown belts are there having a quick meeting, we introduce ourselves to the guys, it was kind of surreal meeting these guys in person for the first time, but you could tell straight away they were cool.

We meet JohnJM (sylar) and grab some food, and once danimal arrives at 11pm the 5 chosen ones are all here, I am excited to finally be here and get into the good stuff on Friday.

It’s Friday morning and we hit the conference room at 10am, we go through the students introductions first, then hear the coaches stories from where they began to where they are now. There are seven coaches and five students, yes you did read that correctly, seven coaches to five students. Bravo, the brown belts Bay, Maestro and Farmer, Plus the purple belts, DJ, Moiser, and Ice .Bravo teaches and teaches and teaches and teaches, then we have in n out, and we hear some openers from the brown belts and practice those then Bravo teaches some more and some more, then we learn tarot reading from Farmer. And after 9 hours straight we go and get ready for the important part, the first night in the field.

We are all standing out the front of the first bar waiting to go in for dinner. When ice grabs me points out a pretty cute girl and says “go on man go and open the first set”. That moment all the usual excuses start running though my head “shes busy” “has headphones in”. but fuck it I’m just going to do it. Motion to her to take her headphones out. She is hesitant at first even trying to walk past, but run the five ocean and bang hooks well, she is into it, then tease her a little, she is checking cards at one of the bars on mill ave an she is running late so let her go. Good first one down and feeling great.

After dinner we split off into our teams

First team was obviously the best, I think we were called team extreme?

Farmer, DJ, and Bay, with Myself Danimal and Johnjm

And then that other team, can’t even remember their name :p

Maestro, Mosier, Ice, with Archer and Thiga.

(Bay and Mosier swapped on saturday)

Highlights from night one

Sylar opening his first set at dinner, was so nervous but went well for him.
Danimal opening a set with five oceans that I just opened with five oceans. (you snooze you lose)
Losing my tarot reading virginity.
Using a crazy direct sexual opener at least 6 times and not getting blown out like I thought I would.
Trying out the saltshaker routine and getting blown out.
Opening the same set three times.
Did my first ever mixed sets tonight.

So now its 1:30am and after 15 hours we head back to the hotel and debrief. Bravo gives us some homework, yes that's right homework this is no picnic we have homework and sleep to do all in the next 6 hours. We end up finally getting to sleep at like 4am

Saturday rolls around and we spend the first half hour going over our homework, then who should show up, yes Steve fucking P and his assistant Dan. Well I saw the video from PX4 and expected this to be awesome, but it was out of this world, the dual induction hypnosis was mint, I actually sat there the whole time about 20 minutes I think, maybe it was longer, and didn’t move, I’m usually A.D.D and can't sit still for 20 seconds, but wow this was something different. After that Bravo teaches some more, and we get two killer presentations from Maestro (d2’s) and Bay (SNL) followed by an informative session on different sex toys and crazy sex stuff. And we wrap it up with some more cool shit from bravo.

I must also add during the limited amount of breaks we had, the coaches just kept dropping knowledge, I gained so much just from simple stuff when we were shooting the shit for a few minutes.

So Saturday night is upon us and for the first time I’m actually fucking excited to be going out, normally I would be kind of dreading it but I can’t wait to try some of the crazy stuff we learnt.

During dinner I noticed that Sylar was really nervous, so I grabbed him and we went out the front. There were two sets and I told him to pick one I would take the other and then we would both open at the same time, bang he picked the four set so we both go in. boom first set down again, so feeling better already. We go back inside and the coaches are again still teaching at the dinner table this time some awesome bar bets.

Highlights from night two

Going to the other extreme from kino tagging.
Opening the same set I number closed yesterday.
Sending Danimal in to open them again.
Danimal kicking ass and making girls fall in love with him.
Archer winging like a pro.
Losing my way half way through the night but coming home strong.
Having some random come up and try and eat my face off, ugly bitch. Dj joked that it counted as a k-close but I was really hoping no one saw it

We get back to the hotel again at like 1:30am and debrief again this time even longer until like 4am.

Sunday we go to the mall for day game and fashion.

I end up spending the whole day with maestro doing day game, so basically a one on one, I started off sketchy but after a few sets was getting the hang of it, maestro was great, I have so much stuff to try out now, and learnt so much, this was one of the best parts of the whole weekend. He pointed out stuff I didn’t even realize I was missing.

We meet up with all the fashion guys and finish up, head back over to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Sunday night, we head over to a ramen noodle place that opened just for us because they know Bravo. Steve P & Dan show up again. We get some killer food, sake, Japanese beer, we try out the pitch black sake made with night vision goggles and some pretty decent whiskey. By now it’s about 11pm and PX5 was finished. Even though it was scheduled to finish at 8:30 everyone hung until later, we are still being taught even though these guys don’t have to be here that’s ho much they cared. Not just in it for the money and fame, they are just there to help out guys who need it. We bro hug, say our goodbyes, and then it was over.

We went out for a few more drinks and ended up a one of the nighclubs. Opened a set on the dance floor who where asking about my accent.

HBdumbass: “oh where is that accent from”
me: “why don’t you guess”
HBdumbass: “ummm.. America”

okay yeah good one love, I couldn’t hold in the laughter at how dumb that was so had to eject.

To the coaches: You guys were fucking awesome.

Farmer – giving me instant feedback, and always there pushing me to be better.
Maestro – learnt so much from you in just a few hours on Sunday.
DJ – always there supporting me, and breaking down my sets, and a big eye opener was you telling me what the sets looked like from an outside perspective.
Ice – pushing me into that first set, and always giving encouragement
Moiser – Bro thanks for everything, making some jokes and helping me stay in state. Awesome dude.

The students… (my n*****s)

Johnjm (sylar) – man you killed it, from not even opening a set before you came, to doing tarot readings and getting numbers intense stuff
Thiga (pinkman) – fucking mint work all weekend bro, so cool to hang with you after as well,… science bitch!!
Archer – legend, gave me a lift to the desert from California, popped my in n out cherry, yea I thought it was weird too until I found it was a burger shop, and I think you got the most numbers and a make out? Machine.
Danimal – my roomie, very cool dude, kept each other up too long talking about random crap. Those Girls in Miami better watch out for the danimal.

And Bravo – this weekend was fucking crazy it was better than anything I expected, and totally worth the 16000 mile round trip. It was a big deal for me to come to Arizona and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks brother.

This is the first time I have ever done any PUA stuff, so I can’t really compare, but it would have to be a pretty epic bootcamp to even come close to this.

Anyone reading this and thinking about applying, just do it, if you get the chance to go to this, grab it with both hands and just fucking make it happen. I can tell you that you will not be disappointed. This is life changing stuff, and these guys actually give a fuck about you and your success. Not just in pick up but every part of your life.

And finally

In n out is delicious
So is five guys, (they had cherry and vanilla coke together)!!
And breakfast burritos are my new favorite food

Luckily for me none of this is in Australia so I will remain healthy.
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Postby Lego » Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:55 am

Wow man that is really cool.

Glad you got so much out of it.

Hey at least in Australia you have James Squire and Lord of the Fries.
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Postby Thiga » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:23 pm

How am I just seeing this now?

It was awesome reading this from your prespective with your group. We didnt really get to talk to much about each group since our fucking heads were still spinning.

Jon is totally Sylar.

The biggest thing for me about PX was the people. I know Bravo started this, but I really think this is so much more than him. He started this forum which tends to weed out the douchebags an shit like natural selection and the cream of the crop rises to the top.

5 students and 7 coaches. Are you kidding me!!

Dj, ICE and Moiser - I didnt get to spend to much time with DJ in field, but , when I did.... just blows my mind. Ice and Moiser however were in my group both nights and the level of dedication and caring and knowledge combined with a willingness to teach just floored me.

The 3 of you should be very proud.

Maestro, I love you man, but I am going to come down there and beat your ass. Maestro is the guy for D2's and direct not giving a fuck kind of game. He bitched at me a few times for being to nice and then dry humped me, why, fuck you thats why!!

These guys never stop teaching. Ive talked to Bravo since and Ice on the phone.... this never ends.....
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Postby Maestro » Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:24 pm

Awesome reading this gentlemen.

You all are welcome in Atlanta anytime.

Thiga, come on down, let's do a leg kick vs. leg kick contest to settle who kicks harder. I'll go first.

Team Don't be a pussy FTW!
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Postby thelocal » Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:03 pm

Man,reading this just inspires to join a PX
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Postby Thiga » Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:41 pm

Team dont be a pussy !!!!!

Holy shit i forgot all about that

Maestro: Absolutley you can go first.....what comes second is going to really fucking suck !!
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