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Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby Bachelor » Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:12 pm

Bravo 1 and 1 coaching FR

I am writing this FR for three reasons;

1, To help other guys who are thinking of making the leap of faith to get training and so they know what to expect.

2, To help me understand what happened and to have a record of the course of the three days.

3, To help Bravo by telling everyone about it, because I'm cool like that.

I read “The Game” a few years ago and it improved my interactions with women but I wasn't doing as well as I had hoped. I read “The Rules of the Game” joined SLA and again got a bit better but not where I wanted to be. I was searching SLA for advice for online game as I could get a girls telephone number but never get her on a date and I couldn't get any interest from POF. I stumbled across one post where the guy said:

“If you want to get good at online game learn from the master.”

He had a link to a video of Bravo. I was impressed by the video, in which Bravo mentioned The Bravohood. After the first visit I have never been back to SLA. I instantly liked it and signed up, I didn't and have never received a marketing email, the only emails that I have received are from Bravo himself after I have emailed him asking about coaching. I signed up to the online game 2.0 and it improved me, I got a date! I paid for a coaching call and even though at the end of the hour I thought I hadn't learned much, that night I was back out approaching for the first time in ages, I had actually stopped almost completely due to the frustration of not making progress and a lot of little epiphanies started to occur. The coaching call was typical of the coaching you get from Bravo, some instant understanding but most of it trickles through after a period of time. This is because he gives so much information, you cannot take it all in at once.

I started to right FR's and again the forum impressed me, I don't think it is possible to right an FR without getting good solid advice from DJ Ninja, the man is a ledge and he is not the only one.

So all in all everything about Bravo and his site was pointing in the right direction. I asked about private coaching, he told me the price and the benefits and then left me alone, no hard sell, no desperation, if I wanted it, it was there. I started to think about it very seriously. It is a lot of money and the PUA world seems like it is a very shady place with a lot of con artists out there. I have watched quite a lot of PUA video's on you tube and I think Style says it in “The Game” that to get good you need training, I felt that was true for me as I couldn't even see where I was going wrong.

I googled “Bad reviews PUA” and a shit load came up but nothing mention Bravo, so to make sure I had covered all my bases I googled “Bad reviews Bravo PUA” nothing came up apart from someone asking Bravo on the forum about another PUA who is the only one I could find in England and Bravo's opinion of him was the same as my low opinion of him.

So I decided, fuck it, I'm in. Paying Bravo proved to be a nightmare thanks to shit transfer companies, shit banks and shit Pay-pal, all the time Bravo is cool, calm and reassuring. I had booked my flights and hotel but the money was stressing me out but Bravo's attitude made it a lot easier.

So I jump on a plane and after a terrible flight with shocking customer service (Do not fly United) I check into the hotel that Bravo had recommended, brilliant hotel and not that pricey. Bravo has told me he will come knocking at 10:00am sharp the next morning, I know he will be ten minutes early, just the solid feeling you get when you deal with the type of man Bravo is.

Day 1

My whole thinking was to turn up as if I had never even heard of “The Game” and to do what ever I was told. Bravo arrives at 09:50 am. We get straight into it, I really cannot remember specifics of what was said but he made me feel better about my AA. He lectures me in classic master-pupil style and I try and take every thing in. All the time I am thinking, shit that is where I wrong with this girl or what I should have said with that girl. I had asked Bravo for help with day game and overall structure with game, I didn't understand the whole process and what fit where.

I don't know if Bravo had read my field reports or if every guy has the same sticking point but my AA is bad and I didn't use a SOI and I didn't really do much day game. So on day one, after a whole shed load of theory, we hit the mall. Every time we spied a HB working in a shop Bravo made me go and open her and use an SOI. At first it was awful, my pulse was around 189 for the first hour or so but after a while I started to get into it and I was seeing positive responses. One girl in Michael Kors I really hooked, she was laughing and giving lots of IOI's. Bravo told me that I should have gone for a number close, we go back, I get the number! I was so fucking happy, hitting on a girl and getting her number, in the day. Whilst sober. I didn't think that was possible and it's only now as I write this I am realising how much that one sticking point has held me back. I can name probably 10 girls that I have been friends with because I haven't been making sure they know I am interested. Great first day, there were other interactions that went well but I honestly cannot remember what was said but I could see an improvement in them. We go for sushi and I think wow, day one over, I was very wrong......

As we walking in Bravo is smiling (another sticking point of mine is that I don't smile enough and after this event I started to understand the power of smile) and he asks the hostess if we can be seated in an area run by a gorgeous girl? The hostess obliges and sends over the stunning Drea. Straight away Bravo is in full charm mode. I understand the theory behind what he is doing but I cannot understand how he is moving so easily between DHV'ing to seeding dates and push pull, Bravo tells me we are covering that tomorrow. The girl is obviously into him but I notice another blonde who has checked him out a couple of times as she goes by. I tell Bravo and he calls her over and says “My friend says you have been checking me out!” She smiles and Bravo again charms her and gets her hooked too.

We find out Drea wants to be an EMT and then I get lost in what I have decided to call “The Triangle”. I am a fire fighter and whilst trying to DHV I explain the triangle of fire. I go into it and go into way to much detail, I fail to notice that her eyes are glazing over and the first clue I have is Bravo kicking me under the table, I realise that I am boring the shit out of this super hot twenty year old girl looking for a good time. I shut up. Bravo takes over and it goes back to being good. The only good thing about it was that Bravo has never mentioned it since, he certainly didn't take the piss out of me in the car ride home or the next day or even tell his girlfriend that I had made a complete dick of myself..........Bastard! :-)

The girls spent more than half of their time at our table, they offer us free drinks and tell us that there boss has had a word with them but they don't leave. Bravo shows the power of DHVing by doing it for me and the second waitress gives me her number and we all agree that meeting up again would be cool, because he has successfully seeded a ton of dates Bravo has loads of options to pick up on. There is no doubt in my mind that if he wanted to Bravo could have got a date whenever he wanted with either or both girls who were both great but Drea was the kind of girl that anyone on this forum would be happy to go out with, super hot with a great down to earth personality.

After making me eat sushi, letting me have a beer and showing me how it's done Bravo drives me home. As soon as he is gone I sneak another beer in at the bar without Bravo knowing just because I am a bad ass but also to try and get my head around the day. I get fuck all sleep but I am up for the next day.

Day 2

Bravo turns up and we get straight into it as per. Again, a fuck load of information. He tells me how to seed dates properly. Again seeding dates was a sticking point that I didn't even know I had! I had read about seeding and thought that it was just to get telephone numbers and that I didn't need to do it because I could do that a lot of the time. The dinner the night before had shown me the power of the seeding and now I know how to do it my interactions with women have improved greatly.

We also talk about DHVing, transitioning and how to move seamlessly between them. These were not particular sticking points but now I see how it fits together and I am doing them better. It also meant that the night before made a lot more sense.

We hit the mall more approaches more improvements and the realisation of a few other sticking points. It is all a bit of a blur to be honest, but one that kinda sticks out were two girls working in a shop and my opener was;

“Hi I am looking for a gift for a girl, something that is either gonna make her jump on me or something that is really easy to take off.”

Bravo had said a similar thing as a transition in another store I think and I just adapted it for my own use. They were laughing and I did the SOI, seeding and DHVing so it shows the improvement. I have always been able to make girls laugh but now I am using techniques correctly. Bravo tells me that I did well and looking back I have realised that it was the point I started to get the first glimpse of the matrix. It is difficult to write to much more about day 2 because I would need to get into the specifics of what Bravo taught me and I'm not about to reveal his secrets.

One awesome moment was when we spotted a girl who was waiting for the lift in the centre of the mall, it was one of those exposed lift shafts where you can see the lift moving up and down. She was pushing what looked like a large cleaning cart for a coffee shop. As we walk by Bravo calls something out to her, she laughs and we are all smiles. As we got to the top of the stairs Bravo notice's she is still waiting for the lift, it is an open staircase and we can see the lift is still a couple of floors above her. We see the lift coming down, look at each other and think “Fuck it!” we run over to a push the lift call button, we get in and wait. As the doors open on her floor the girl spots us grinning and she starts to laugh, unfortunately a couple with a pram get in so it doesn't go anywhere but it showed me the power of opportunity.

At the end of the day I ask him about his flash light or torch as we would say in England. He gives me a demonstration that convinces me that having a decent torch in the car and the house is a very easy and effective self defence tool. I am going to sort them out for my family, it's what a man does.

Day 3

At the start of day 3 I was fucked, I had asked Bravo to teach me to shoot guns and we were off to spend the morning at the range after breakfast. Bravo turns up and it is like he opens the top of your head and pours knowledge into you. It's hard to take it all in my head was spinning, still is a bit. I tell him that I was up at 4am wondering if I made a huge mistake and if I had learnt anything at all and he tells me that it is too much to comprehend straight away. Ever since it has trickled down through me ever since. I had already told Bravo that I love Mexican food so he takes me to this great little restaurant and on the way he asks me if I have ever had horchata? I tell him that I don't even now what letter that word starts with!!! After a fantastic and inexpensive meal we head to the shooting range.

Pick up is not the only thing Bravo is an expert of. In one morning he had me, someone who had never held a hand gun before in his life, getting consistent head shots at 10 yards with a pistol. I also shot an AR15, brilliant gun, brilliant fun. We spend the rest of the day going over bits from Day 2 and more approaches. We finish off in a restaurant and again Bravo is in full charm mode. This time I can understand how he is doing what he is doing a lot better, not a master but starting to see a bit more of the matrix. The waitress is cute and Bravo and I DHV me. She ends up adding me on Facebook! Another glimpse of the matrix.

At the end of the day he drops me back at the hotel, he has been giving me solid advice about everything for three days, not just about pick up but life in general. His last piece of advice is,

“Write field reports, there is a direct correlation between guys who get good and the guys who write field reports.”

I rock up to the bar in the hotel it is my birthday and the barmaid is hot. I have a few drinks, without even thinking I DHV, seed dates and give her a SOI. She adds me on Facebook. Another glimpse of the matrix.

If you are thinking about getting coaching from Bravo then I would do the following;

1, Keep on open mind.

2, Shut up and do what you are told, it's hard but it is better for Bravo to be speaking than you as you will learn more.

3, Be prepared to have doubts, but don't worry it trickles down through you and when you have an interaction with a woman you will notice that they are better and the doubts get smaller.

4, Be specific, I asked Bravo for help with day game, AA and an overall structure for game. I got exactly what I asked for plus help with sticking points I didn't even know I had! I kinda wish that I had asked for help with canned openers, we did cover that but I would like a bit more on them. I have realised that Bravo gave me enough information to work on them my own. I have also realised that as my interactions get better, my approaches will be easier and therefore better which will mean my interactions will get better and it will be a never ending cycle of awesomeness! If you are unsure what to ask for then tell Bravo that you don't know and let him judge you as he did with me on Day 1, it will only take a few interactions and Bravo will know exactly what you need.

5, Do your research, it is a lot of money and you owe it to yourself to be able to trust your decision. So make sure you have read the FR's on Project X and 1 on 1 coaching. Look at other PUA's reviews and I am convinced you will see that Bravo is the one for you. If you are still unsure, do more research, a good way to think of it, if a PUA site reminds you of the over the top marketing emails that you get constantly from SLA or they are trying to force a sale then you know they don't the pedigree and/or honesty of Bravo.

A few specifics that I learned;

1, The power of smiling, I came out of one shop and Bravo was talking to a cute blonde. I asked what had happened and he said he was smiling and she stopped to say “hello”. I now smile all the time and my interactions have got better, such a simple thing that has already improved my life in general.

2, Why you need to state your intentions, in the approaches I have made since I have noticed that telling a woman you are attracted to her makes a huge difference. It throws them off their game, they tend to smile, maybe blush, and I have noticed that some of them nod their head to themselves a little bit as if in their own mind they are saying;

“Oh OK, he is definitely hitting on me.”

In my experience this changes the whole interaction, it shows confidence, which breeds attraction, and sets up push pull.

3, The importance of seeding dates, as I said earlier I thought that seeding was just a way to get a telephone number, I could do that so I thought I didn't need to bother with seeding. During our email exchange I tell Bravo that I can get a telephone number but no D2. I now realise that the number close is simply the finishing touch to getting a date not the basis. I haven't got a D2 at the time of writing but I have only been back in the country for less than 48 hours but having seen Bravo in action I can see how it works. Seeding is the solid rock foundation that gives you a reason to see her again and it displays interest. If you have a life where you do cool shit and know cool places to go then that is a DHV. The date should already be in place, the number is just so you can confirm time and dates, not ,as I thought, to find some common interest so you can then arrange a date.

A few brief glimpses of the matrix;

I headed off to Las Vegas on my own for some serious partying. Well outside of my comfort zone but fuck it.

One night I am going for dinner and I see a HB9 sitting on her own at the bar, I could sit anywhere in theory but in reality there is only one place I am going to sit! The following is the opening exchange;

Me: “Hi, hows it going?”
HB9: “I'm good, how are you?”
Me: “I'm living the dream!”

She laughs and we start talking, She is telling me something and midway through her sentence I tell her she is beautiful, she smiles as she realises that I am definitely hitting on her. I am DHVing and seeding, she is showing IOI's and I know she is hooked. It is on, the only problem being that she is just about to leave for a show her friend is in, a guy comes over and says that they are all about to go in after he leaves I ask if I have got her in trouble with her boyfriend as a little test of her interest. She tells me that no he isn’t her boyfriend but one of her buddies, she could have easily lied, we part reluctantly. I know I didn't get laid or even number close but I was super happy because I had done a ton of things correctly and I had got a hot girl hooked. In ever so slightly different circumstances that would justify a proper field report. The added bonus being that as it was the start of the night so I was completely sober!

The next night I see an absolute stunner at the bar with her friends, she opens me! I was smiling and dressed like a boss. She asks me to take a photo of her and her friends, she could have got anyone in the bar to do it, she is a fucking gorgeous blonde Swedish dancer but she asked me. I transition and SOI, I am seeding dates for when she is in London, DHVing and I am kinoing which is something else that was a sticking point. I ask for her Facebook details and she readily hands them over. Her friends are leaving for another bar and take her with them. OK not ideal, maybe a sticking point to worry about in the future. The point is that again I hooked a hot chick and doing more things correctly than I used to. When I got her on Facebook I really started to believe that I had grown and learnt. I am back home now and my head is still spinning, I need to go out and get more practice in but I cannot wait.

I have always thought that with a little bit of understanding I could get good at pick up. I have a lot going for me, dress sense, cool job, not a model or anything but good looking enough and I am funny, I have always been able to make girls laugh, unfortunately for me I always got friend zoned. My lack of skill with women used to be a joke with my friends until they just started to feel sorry for me. As part of the review Bravo tells me that once I get past the sticking points that he has highlighted and helped me get through then my level will go up. I think he is right and I am looking forward to going out and meeting women. My reason for mentioning this is that I wasn't born with dress sense, I learnt it. I wasn't born with a cool job, I went out and earned it. Whilst people say I look good now, when I didn't bother with taking care of my appearance, for example not bothering to do my hair properly, then no one thought I was good looking. Grooming is a skill you can learn. Everything Bravo taught me is something that anyone can learn. I'm not an expert yet on pick up but I feel on the precipice of being decent, I wonder if other guys who have been coached by Bravo felt the same? My point is that these are all skills that you, me or anyone else can definitely learn.

My closing thought is that while Bravo charges a lot (if you buy cheap, you buy twice) he doesn't take the piss out of you. He is always looking for ways to save you money, the hotel, the restaurants that you go to, he even turned up at my hotel with water so that I didn't have to buy him any. He doesn't have to give a shit, but he does. I bet there are a lot of “PUA's” that are not like this.
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Re: Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby rockstar » Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:01 pm

Awesome FR buddy. One of the best one on ones I have ever read. If you practice what he taught you on a daily basis, the sky is the limit.
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Re: Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby Rogue4Life » Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:20 pm

Great report, man!

Keep that motivation well after your 1-on-1 session and you are going to be a rockstar
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Re: Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby DJNinja » Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:23 pm

Seems like every time someone takes coaching from Bravo (whether 1-on-1s, phone coaching, or Project X), they experience some sort of breakthrough soon after. And sounds like you did!

Now that you've got momentum on your side, keep going! Don't let your investment go to waste, make sure you're spending time in-field to practice the skills that Bravo taught you, then write FRs to get feedback from all of us as to how you're doing. (And don't forget to post questions at our weekly Live Coaching Thread too ;) )

Looking forward to seeing you participate here more and level up!
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Re: Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby Lags » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:36 pm

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Re: Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby Moiser » Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:24 am

Hey man, awesome read.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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Re: Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby Aries » Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:53 am

Great to hear you go so much out of the coaching with Bravo!

-Keep it going!

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Re: Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby Irish » Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:34 pm

Outstanding and well written report. You have just advanced multiple times. Now stick to it and the sky is the limit!

I still fail to be amazed at all of the "get laid quick" crap that is out there that guys (me included) waste hundreds of dollars on. I am sure you would agree that your 3 day experience was worth way more than all the cheap classes combined.

Look forward to reading your future escapades ;)
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Re: Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby Bachelor » Wed Sep 11, 2013 1:14 pm

Thanks guys, it really has been life changing. A few weeks on and I am doing a lot better than I was before and I still don't feel like I have reached the end of the curve, every success precipitates another! I was working on a TV show yesterday, there were four or five HB's there and the problem wasn't escalation or SOI, it was I was doing too well with all of them! I couldn't work out which one to go for and then ended up with a (possible) FB close. The guys in the group were all loving my humour too! My success was causing me problems I couldn't believe it!!!! I will take that as a sticking point all day long!

DJ, can I post a question before the live thread starts and read it after? they start at around 3am for me!

Thanks again guys and good luck out there!
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Re: Girls, guns and a kickass 1 on 1

Postby madmax » Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:59 pm

Awesome. Now, in your future Lay Reports. Post pics. If the girls face is in the pic, have them cover their eyes or mouth with their hand. Most of us post a pic of their ass. Some even take a sharpie and write something like WWBD. (what would Bravo do) screen name or some other nonsense. Welcome brother.
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