Project X Unabridged Version

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Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Maestro » Sat May 14, 2011 12:29 am

Bravo opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth the four beasts that ride on white, red, black, and pale horses.....

And so it began. Project X. The first of the Bravohood would unite in Phoenix to evolve and change, beyond what they thought possible. The four horsemen rode out from around the earth, Poly from Australia, Mack from California, Stealth and Maestro from Atlanta and our leader Bravo from Phoenix and two of his Generals, Farmer from Virginia and Smoothcall from L.A.

Pre-Project X

I arrived at Stealth’s penthouse apartment around 4:00. Two of the four horsemen were from the A-team. As it should be. ;) We talked game and had a few drinks to celebrate what would be an incredible weekend. Stealth is a world traveler so he knew all the ins and outs to get us quickly onto the plane.

We met my long lost brother Farmer at the Phoenix airport and took the shuttle to the hotel. We met up with Poly, unpacked and went out to eat, sarge, and see the town. Hooters was close by so we went to get some wings. Gamed some of the waitresses when who should call but KoA.

He was celebrating his birthday KoA style with with copious amounts of Alcohol and women. The funny part was he called me twice, then called Farmer within 2 minutes of me telling him we were all in Phoenix and asked him what he was up to. We all laughed and wished him a happy birthday.

We then went to the bar downstairs and opened a few sets and drank some more. The bar had the game where you punch the bag and it tells you how hard you hit it. The high score was in the 700’s and being the Maestro, I had to destroy that score. I put the money in and boom, punched the fuck out of it and scored around 840. New high score. We got several people around us to join and became the social center of the room. Stealth went to obliterate my score, when the slippery floor grabbed his foot and made him slip. He hit the shit out of it but when he did, it cut his knuckles. We decided to leave.

From there, we headed out into the Cinco De Mayo Arizona night where all the ASU students were out to celebrate the end of finals and the Battle of Puebla. There was a huge outdoor party so we all went in. I gamed the hired gun checking ID’s and got two sets of beads.

I opened a three set and hooked pretty quick. Wasn’t trying to pull, just having fun. One of the girls said she was a lesbian and I always love that challenge. Stealth dared me to Apocalypse open a set so I did. She said no, but I rolled forward. Brought Stealth in and kept having fun with it. Image

It was getting late, around 1am, and Poly and Stealth wanted to head back to the hotel to be well rested the next day. Farmer wanted to stay out another hour till the bars closed and wanted me to go with him. What the hell, I can sleep when I’m dead. So off Farmer and Maestro went into the Tempe night. The dueling Piano bar called to us so we answered the call. I went to the bar to get some drinks and opened the girl next to me. She took my hand and began to draw something that I assumed was a heart. When I asked her she said no, it was her vagina. Classy. I took it as an omen. Farmer and I had deep conversation and in the process, discovered the meaning of life. Only problem was that we didn’t remember what it was the next day.

Project X begins

What happens at Project X stays in Project X so some things I cannot reveal. But I will tell you as much as I can.

We awoke at the crack of 8:30 am. Bravo would be there at 10:00. At 9:00, Bravo calls and says he’s on the way and will be there around 9:30. What other PUA would come over early and spend the entire time with their students? Bravo ate, slept, drank and shit with us. At most PUA seminars, they teach till the cut off time, take tons of breaks and send them out into the night. Bravo gave us his undivided attention from waking up till we went to sleep, usually after 4am.

Mackaholic arrives with his black hair and red streak and the Four horsemen are finally united. We are an unstoppable force. The other room wouldn’t be available till after three so Bravo starts in our room. We all introduce ourselves, talk about our backgrounds and get acquainted. We all instantly get along, due to our unfathomable awesomeness. And then Bravo gave us our rings. It was like the green lantern's ring only more powerful. Those who posses it, posses the power to woo women, lead men, make objects move without touching them, properly shoot guns, dress like a boss, and kick ass. They are Alpha men. They are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. And there are certain secrets that only men who posses that ring know. ImageImage

Many people don’t know this, but Bravo is a wizard. He taught us how to move objects without touching them, how to read people’s minds, how to move a card from the deck to a person’s hand, how to make them feel energy moving on their arm, and how to teleport things using only our minds. All this while building attraction and kino. I love magic, but I had never seen it done like this. This was magic Bravo style.

Hunger set in and we went to a Sushi place in Tempe. Bravo taught us the proper way to eat Sushi and how to deal with gay ass waiters. We then went to the Irish bar that Bravo used to hang out in and he showed us some hired gun game. Later that night, we returned and Bravo ran some hired gun game on a different waitress. She ended up writing her number on his arm with a sharpie. Image

After Sushi, Bravo trained us in ways to open, transition, DHV, number close, body language, and so much more. We went out and I was the first to open. It was a two set and I had to open with the incestuous sister opener that Farmer had brought up. I was using it to step out of my comfort zone. The set hooked well, but they were club promoters. I left the set and when we moved away, they came back and re-opened me. I went back to the two, gamed them a bit, got a good picture, and invited them to the after party. As soon as I left, some AFC guy came up and tried to game them. He tried to put his arms around them and they pushed him away. It was great to demonstrate the difference between a PUA and an AFC.

Mack was so excited. He was like a kid waking up on Christmas morning, running down the stairs to see what Santa had brought. He opened with huge energy and the whitest smile on earth but quickly stalled out. This was where he was, going into the weekend. By the end of the weekend, he’d be running sets like a pro, saying whatever he wanted, and having the funniest double open ever. But that’s later.

Throughout the night, we opened set after set. While waiting in line at a club, I opened a girl, number closed, then found out she has a kid and is engaged. She was touching my chest, hands, etc., and kino’ed more inside. She tells me she wants to hang out later. I decide not to pursue it because, I want to practice game more, not just pull which I can do anytime. That and it was a moral dilemma.

Poly, being the rockstar that he is, makes out with a girl at this bar. Another girl he was gaming well, but didn’t number close. He went back to number close her, and to his surprise, she said no, she doesn’t give out her number to strangers. He says with his Australian accent, what do you mean, we’re not strangers? Aren’t you HBican’trememberyourface? No, she says, I’m not. Oh shit he says, and we all get a good laugh.
Stealth, Mack and Bravo are back at the other bar now and we meet back up. Bravo breaks down each set for us and explains what happened. Instant feedback and instant learning. Poly is texting back and forth with one of the girls he number closed and as the line goes slack, Bravo gives him some great advice on how to roll forward.

After going to multiple bars and clubs, opening tons of sets, learning a plethora of information and gaining invaluable experience, we head back to the hotel for the breakdown. Bravo shows us ways to improve, what went well and what didn’t go as well, areas to improve and goals for the next day. We finally call it a night.


We awake early the next day, and begin again. We eat, train and learn the ways of the Master Pickup Artist. For hours we practice game, learn about ways to continue our training when we return home, learn about Day 2’s from Maestro, SNL’s from Farmer, and even some knife training as an extra. Bravo shows us the coolest websites where he gets his crazy Facebook shit from. We are learning so much so fast. He breaks each area down into understandable material and arms us with everything we need to go from opening to F-closing. We even have our own Bravo condoms. We go out again, ready to tear Tempe apart.

We go to Five guys and have some burgers. I open a set to practice some of the magic Bravo taught us and go the whole routine. I number close the girl at the end of the routine.

At the Irish Bar, everyone is opening sets. Mack brings two hot girls over to the table and they sit together with Bravo. Mack doesn’t know what to say and is just sitting there. I lean in and tell him to do the personality test that Bravo had taught us. He does it and from there, he’s able to go into talking more natural with them. As the night goes on, he becomes unstoppable and earns the new nickname, the Avalanche, because he started slow, then gained momentum, then was an powerful force that no woman could resist. Image

Poly is running a huge set with around10 or 12 people at a table. He befriends the guys and is building attraction with the girl. There’s nowhere to sit and his knees are starting to hurt from leaning on the ground. He artfully asks the guy if its okay for him to hit on his friend and he says yes. The guy then tells his girlfriend to sit on his lap so Poly can sit in the chair next to his target. From there, she was his.

Stealth starts off well.

At Rula, this douchebag behind him kicks him in the leg. Thinking that it was one of us telling him to get closer, he ignores it. He then gets kicked a few more times and turns around. The dickhead behind him just smiles and holds out his arms saying, what. Stealth tries to ignore him again, but receives yet another kick in his leg.

For those of you that don’t know Stealth, he’s a huge guy. Like NBA huge. At this point, he’s ready to level this fucker. With eyes blazing he turns around, but in a moment of self control, walks away. It was the right choice. But he’s so pissed that he can’t get back into state. Bravo tells him some great ways to handle it next time. Use social pressure and let everyone else laugh at the guy. Tell him you have a cramp and to hit a little lower. Say to the group, hey, I think your friend has tourettes syndrome of the leg. I’m going to move over here now. We all laugh, but all want to kick that guys ass. Later I remind Stealth that this guy pissed you off in the moment, but that in reality, you should be grateful to him because the next time it happens, you know exactly how to handle it.

But then, Stealth is having extreme AA, to the point of feeling nauseous. He tells Bravo that he feels sick and Bravo asks him, "ok there is a trash can over there, go puke then get back to opening " and since he knew he heard that before in kickboxing it clicked and it was the tough love he needed to push thru.

At the next venue, Bravo does a mental exercise with us that we had done earlier in the day. I immediately feel tons of energy and Bravo quotes Mystery saying, “If you’re gonna wreck a room, wreck the room.” We go crazy here. Everyone is opening like mad. Poly opens several sets, isolates a hot girl, and makes out with her. Later he would tell us that she wasn’t on his intellectual level, “dumb as shit” were his exact words, but she was hot, and Poly looked like James fucking Bond pimpin out next to her at the table. ImageImage

Stealth opens the tallest hottest girls in the entire place. Not bad since less than an hour ago he had debilitating AA. He tells them they aren’t tall enough for him and they laugh. He runs the set far and I go off to wing Mack.

I find him talking to two girls, and he brings me into the set. As soon as he does, he walks away. Literally leaves. I stay in set and find out that one of the girls is a teacher. The other gets jealous that I’m not paying her attention and grabs my necklace saying what’s this? I run my necalace routine and start a little jealousy plotline. I number close the cuter one and seed the afterparty in our hotel room. They say they will come and tell me to text them when we are heading there.
I go back to the others and Farmer tells me that a girl asked Bravo if he farted. He says yes and she says because you just blew me away. She wants to buy him a drink. They talk for a while and he is showing her different hugs. As he’s hugging her from behind, the HB takes Bravo’s hands and slides them up to her tits. Bravo is the man. Unfortunately, I don't have a pic of how hot that girl was.

The girl in this pic had just turned 21 and was moving right down the street from Bravo. So him being the MPUA that he is, gamed her knowing that she would have hot college friends 2 blocks from his place. Long term gaming.

I go off on my own to wreck the room. I apocalypse several girls, pull one girl in and we dance while I tell her all the nasty things I’m going to do to her. She’s loving it, but her friends are all there celebrating a birthday party. I go back and find Mack. He opens 5 more sets and the last two he Apocalypse opens. As he’s walking towards the final set, I see that it’s the set he opened earlier and that I had number closed. It all happened in slow motion. I was too far away to stop him but I tried anyway yelling, nooooooooooooooooo. But it was too late. Mack had just done the Double opening, not remembering your set, Apocalypse. It was the first time in PUA history. And it was funny as shit.

At the end of the night, I’m talking to HBPocahontas. Its going well when her friend, without saying a word, walks up and shoves her out of the way, then grabs her and says lets go. She was hot as shit so I was disappointed. I later ask Bravo if there was anything I could’ve done and he explains how this girl is soo hot, she gets hit on all the time and her friends saw me as just one more guy hitting on her. They were ready to go so they did. He compared it to the end of the night and your buddy is talking to a fat girl. You see them so you walk over and say lets go. So basically Bravo, you’re saying I’m the fat girl?

On the way back we debrief some more and pass a few sets. One is a bachelorette party which is always fun. We quickly build rapport and kino. At the hotel, we debrief some more and decide what time to get up. By the time we went to sleep it was 4am.


Bravo is Human After All

We awaken and Uncle Smoothcall teaches us some really cool Tantric stuff. Our energy is high and after we eat breakfast, we head out to the shooting range. Bravo shows us around some and we all have to sign these forms in two places. There are seven of us and only six signatures. People are joking around some and Bravo starts to get mad.
“This is serious guys, I need you to focus or someone could get hurt. Mack, did you sign this?” “Yes Bravo, I signed it”, Mack says.
“Well who the hell hasn’t signed it?!,” Bravo says, heat rising in his voice.
We all look at it and Bravo is getting angrier by the second. Then the recognition hits him and his face softens.
“Fuck don’t tell me its me that didn’t sign it” says Bravo.
We all laugh our asses off.Image

We take some badass poses with the guns, then go inside to shoot.Image

I was nervous at first because I’ve never done anything like this. Bravo shows us exactly how to do it, and Stealth helps me too. Then I fire off a round from the .45. Holy shit that was awesome. We fire at Bin Laden and my favorite gun is the Gloch 17. We all take turns firing the AR at the Zombie Nazi and Smoothcall goes at it.

“Its not your father Smooth, kill it!” Bravo yells.
The target inches towards Smooth. Bravo yells out, “Brains, Brains” and Smooth fires 10 quick shots hitting the Zombie in the head with each one. Was an awesome fucking experience that I’ll never forget. A few of us even got to meet Kali that day, and I can say, that’s one cool cat. ImageImage

We head over to the mall and Bravo helps us with our fashion. All of us get some good deals, but more importantly a huge fashion makeover. We also meet a hair dresser who helps us with our style and with what types of product to use. As the mall closes, we head back to the hotel and do a final debrief.

Project X is over.

Bravo is off the clock.

But he doesn’t leave. Not Bravo. Instead we all go out and eat an incredible meal, talk more game, and get drunktarded. We all share a bond of Brotherhood that’s hard to describe unless you were there. We go drink some more at the Irish pub and Mack isn’t looking so good, so Bravo takes him up to the room and he passes out. Bravo always takes care of his boys. We stay out for a while longer then head up to the hotel too. Bravo shows us some crazy videos and we all talk till we can’t function. Image

The next day, we all go out to a Mexican place and drink Margaritas and eat Mexican food. We all hug goodbye and Stealth and I head for the plane back to the A-team. It was an unforgettable experience. I learned more than I thought possible. Bravo stayed the rest of the day with the other guys. Bravo is one of the most stand up guys you will ever meet.

To my brothers:

Stealth: Da Bears

Mack: Smile more ;)

Poly: Footie players are some smooth motherfuckers

Farmer: You sharted

Smoothcall: Brains!

Bravo: As long as its not Sloth. Thank you so much for this weekend. I cannot describe how awesome it was.

To the Bravohood: If Bravo does this again, you have to go. It is a life changing experience. You will not find a more talented, knowledgeable, no bullshit, PUA who cares about his guys more. Project X is one of the greatest experiences of my life. Image
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Re: Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Bandit » Sat May 14, 2011 1:50 am

Awesome to read. Sounds like an epic time full of a shitload of fun!
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Re: Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Smoothcall » Sat May 14, 2011 8:45 am


A really great write up.

Bravo picked an awesome group of guys for his first boot camp. What amazed me so much was how much effort he put into it, to give so much value. I've known Bravo, probably four years now, and I've seen that he puts his heart and full effort into what he does, but this was really above and beyond for him, even.

With only four spots open, it was unfortunate that only a small percentage of those who applied got picked. (But don't worry, I heard there's another one later this year).

But to those of you who didn't get picked to attend, do you get an idea of what this was?

Summarize like this:

1. Bravo and the four horsemen essentially lived together in a huge hotel suite for three days (Farmer and I were two doors down for a couple of nights).

2. During the day, Bravo taught the guys all types of details on game. There was so much stuff he was teaching, that for most meals, instead of taking breaks, Farmer or I would go out and get food or snacks and bring them back to the room so that Bravo could jam the maximum amount of information into the available time.

3. At night, Bravo and Farmer took the guys out sarging. (The first night I got there, I went to bed as soon as I rolled in, because it was a six hour drive after a full days's work; the second night, I had dinner with some other friends I know in the area). Bravo and Farmer were able to capture some of the sets on video.

4. When they rolled back in at 2 a.m., they would spend two to three hours de-briefing. I knew this because Farmer woke me up when he came in at 4:30 or 5:00 both mornings.

I think these guys got about 50 or more hours of social arts instruction and training in that weekend.

Plus, the shooting range was just awesome!

I don't know for sure, but I think that Bravo included the hotel rooms and meals in the price of boot camp. The guys had no practical stuff to worry about once they got there. They had no distractions from the learning experience. No time wasting crap about where to sleep or eat or whatever--the hotel had at least 20 places to go to sarge--all filled with hotties from ASU and the surrounding area. (By the way, the Irish pub Maestro mentions is the first place I ever saw Bravo in action, when he and Gypsy coached about 12 guys for free one night, just so they could learn how to be coaches).

If you attempt to compare this to any other PUG's so called "boot camp", you can't. There is nothing like it. And of course, if you've been around this community for any length of time, you've heard your share of horror stories (or participated in one)--things like the PUG taking out three guys for a night for $500 each, and then disappearing 20 minutes into the first club--and then two hours later they find him making out with a fat chick in the corner.

This boot camp is a prime example of why I followed Bravo over here from SLA: He knows how to plan and execute, and because he is a man of integrity, he always delivers more than he promises.

Note to future attendees: The stuff I taught really pushed the comfort zone of the guys--it is designed to do that. Nevertheless, they all participated and gave it their best. Bravo apparently liked how much it pushed them to the edge--so you may see me again at the next one.
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Re: Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Fame » Sat May 14, 2011 10:05 am

looks awesome
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Re: Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Vann » Sat May 14, 2011 1:00 pm

this really is unabridged!
Would've been cool to end the bc with a "I survived Project X and all I got was this awesome skill set!" LOL!
Game On!

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Re: Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Taz » Sat May 14, 2011 1:59 pm

Fucking Epic ! What else could you ask for..women, booze, and guns! Now that is one hell of a mini vacation!
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Re: Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Mack » Sat May 14, 2011 2:12 pm

Awesome write up Maestro!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

Very detailed!


Project X alumni
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Re: Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Stephen » Sat May 14, 2011 2:39 pm

quick vid of Poly from the gun range


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Re: Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Fame » Sat May 14, 2011 4:00 pm

"Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habbits, your habbits become your character, your character becomes your destiny." From the book Get Selected
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Re: Project X Unabridged Version

Postby Metz » Sat May 14, 2011 9:57 pm

So much adrenaline and awesomeness felt while reading this.

One amazing read and experience!
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