A Weekend of Epic Proportions! My 1on1 experience

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A Weekend of Epic Proportions! My 1on1 experience

Postby Shcotte » Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:23 am

Let me start off by saying that Stephen is the real deal and rarely do you meet someone as dynamic as he!

Let me make some disclaimers about my 1on1 before I go into more detail. Stephen is awesome, but he is not miracle worker. Spending a weekend with him is not going to magically change your life. It can definitely help, but if you want real results you have to be committed to working hard, busting your ass and breaking out of your comfort zone long after you leave the 1on1. However, if you are willing to put in the work, Stephen can and will help you make huge changes to your life.

Another note: Leave your ego and pride at home. Stephen tells it like it is. He will be blunt, direct and won't hold anything back and it may be uncomfortable for you. For instance he would call me out anytime I was using bad posture, body language or doing other things such as speaking to softly etc. It can be jarring at first but it all comes from a place of love. He will break you down but build you up into something stronger and better than before

ONE HUGE POINT: Time fucking flies during this experience! Make the most of it, try and push your boundaries as much as you can, and you will reap huge benefits.

The Experience
Before my 1on1, I had a huge amount of social fear and the thought of merely approaching a girl filled me with crippling anxiety. I was tired of missing opportunities and watching life pass me by as I sat at home laden with regret. I knew something had to change and this led me to contacting Stephen. However, I was full of skepticism. I ended up deciding to take a huge leap of faith and I am damn glad I did. I signed up for a weekend to learn social dynamics but what I received was something much much greater. Stephen goes the extra mile for his students and routinely went way above and beyond for me.

The first day of our session was dedicated to theory and inner game, followed by approaching store clerks at the mall. I won't disclose all of the advice and theory Stephen gave me but let me just say he helped me crush my approach anxiety.

My first approaches were very awkward but Stephen broke everything down for me and highlighted my bad habits and tendencies. These are little things I have done my whole life that would otherwise be completely unknown to me. None of my family/friends would have ever noticed. This was huge for me and one of the reasons the session was so beneficial, How can you correct something that you don’t know that you’re doing. After we made it through the approaches we got some sushi for dinner and he demonstrated his charm on the waitress. Although our day was technically finished he asked if had any questions. I asked him several questions pertaining to my job and I won't go into specifics but Stephen spent at least 2 hours giving me amazing information that helped me develop skills which would later land me a big promotion and raise.

After he went several hours over the session time, I realized this guy is the real deal. He is not just a dating coach, he is a life coach. 1 day in, and I had already made some big breakthroughs with inner game, approached girls, identified bad habits and loaded up a notebook with pages and pages of good information. It was a big first day and it would only get better over the next 2 days.

Day 2 started with some more relevant theory and information about my sticking points. After a quick lunch we hit the mall again. I was starting to approach with more confidence and already having better interactions than the first day. Stephen continued to pick out things I needed to work on and will likely be working for a while as I continue down the path. One of the highlights of day 2 happened when we went into a retail shop to practice approaches and suddenly this stunningly beautiful girl yells: “Stephen!”, Apparently in a previous 1on1 Stephen had made such an impression on this girl that she had remembered him a year later. This was pretty incredible to me and just further reinforced my belief that Stephen is the real deal. We went to his buddies ramen shop which was amazing and polished off the day with some good whiskey and amazing ramen noodles. Once again he goes at least 2-3 hours over our time.

Day 3 we focused on gun training to change the pace of 2 days of grinding in the field. Stephen is a great dating coach, but holy crap, he is an insanely good firearms instructor. We even got a whole range to ourselves. After an intense several hours of shooting I went from no gun experience to a much more proficient level. I have no doubts that If I worked with Stephen regularly he could turn me into a warrior. Stephen then took me out to the desert to show me some cool sights and take some DHV pictures for my online dating profiles. On the drive to and from the desert Stephen laid the fundamentals for successful online game and after following his rules for only a few days I got great results! (pictures included)

We enjoyed a steak and some good beer for our final meal together while debriefing about the weekend. He wanted to make sure that all of my questions, concerns, sticking points were completely covered. After saying our goodbyes we parted ways.

What an eye opening experience this was for me. Although I made some big improvements, I know I still have a ton work to do, but for the first time in a long time I wake up feeling optimistic and confident knowing I am on the path to a much better life. Thank you Stephen for being such a badass coach, pushing me out of my comfort zones and really going the extra mile for me.

Its been about 3 weeks since my 1 on 1 already my life is improving.

I have gone on 3 dates now from cold approaching girls, and I pulled 2 of them back to my pad.

My online game is blowing up! I used to get very few matches and now I am seeing a massive increase in matches and dates.

Using tools Stephen taught me, I locked down a huge promotion at my job!

My family and friends have noticed and commented on me appearing happier and more confident.

Thanks again!
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Re: A Weekend of Epic Proportions! My 1on1 experience

Postby Shcotte » Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:36 am

I forgot to add pictures to my post

After 1 day with Stephen's Online game methods


Stephen's Beastly AR-15
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