PX6 - The Review

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PX6 - The Review

Postby Noa » Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:01 pm

There we stood, all 8 students waiting for the, possibly, most important weekend of our lives, to begin.

It started with me finally applying to PX for the first time. I had thoughts about applying for PX 4 and PX 5, previously, but honestly I just made excuses to not go. I said them all, “I don’t have the money,” “I can’t get off work,” “I’m in school, I don’t have time.” All of those excuses are bullshit and at the end of the day I waited longer than I should have, to apply. Once I applied, I got a phone call from Bravo while I was out at a bar with some friends. We talked and basically gave me the good news I was in! I now had to keep my word and commit to it. As a man and a person, I had to do what it took to make sure I didn’t break my word.

In the months following, I spent a few days here and there approaching and trying to do what I could to prepare for PX (nothing you do can prepare you for PX btw). Then came the day before PX… We already communicated with our PX brothers and some of us met up and hung out. We checked the area we could potentially use as our battleground and we weren’t sure what to expect.

The day finally arrives and we are told what room to meet at. All 8 of us arrive outside the door earlier than the scheduled time. As the time got closer we see Bravo and the coaches walking down the hallway. We each give our greetings and head inside. Each student grabs a seat and sits down and Bravo starts right away. We go through the introductions of everyone and an overview of PX and then officially kick it off.

Ho..Ly… SHIT. The amount of information was off the charts. Not to get too much into details, but man it felt like I was back in college. We were writing so many notes, going through exercises and trying to absorb what we could. We get lunch around 2pm and the coaches work through the lunch. No breaks! As it gets closer to the night time, we practice our new powers before heading out for dinner and night game.

Students get broken up into teams.

On the left side we have Team PSNL (perfect same night lay), led by Maestro and DJNinja. The students consists of me and 3 others (for privacy reasons I won’t disclose their names and I’m not 100% sure what all of their forum names are).

On the right side we have Team Trigglypuff! Led by Farmer and Moiser, along with 4 other students.
The coaches switched on the second day.

We go back to our rooms, get ready and head out to dinner. We sit down and order our food, while Bravo and the other coaches are still teaching. Maestro then mentions to our team that we have to be the first ones to open. He totally looked straight at me while he said it, almost indicating that I should start it off. I reply with “right now?” and he says “Yeah, right now, fuck it.” I get nervous and excited and say “Fuck it” and open the table behind us. Team PSNL gets the first open of PX, fuck yeah. I use one of the openers we learned, it hooked pretty well, I got logistics (target had a bf, who was also in the table) and then I ejected. As soon as I got back, coaches gave me really good feedback on what to improve.

We eat dinner and depart to begin our night game approaches. Keep in mind, absolutely NO drinking during PX.

Highlights of Day 1:
Almost got a girl to buy me a drink, gave me some bs reason to not buy it.
One of the PX brothers on Team PSNL opened a really hot 3 set at some pool/lounge place.
Trying some openers that I never thought I would try.
Somehow I accidently threw a girl or two at Psych while he was in a 3 set, because I was trying to isolate lol. He handled it like a fucking boss!
A few students, I think on Team Trigglypuff, used our new tarot card skills that Farmer graciously taught us.

We get back to the room and debrief. I opened more sets in that one night than I did the entire year thus far. Easily opened 25+ sets the first night. Maestro and DJ really pushed all of us to keep opening the first day and it was definitely needed and appreciated. Debrief lasts almost 3-4 hours. We go back to our rooms at around 5am and somehow have to find time to wake up, do our hw assignment (yes we have homework to do) and be in the room for the start of day 2 in the morning.

Day 2 is pretty much the same as day one, just a lot more in-depth and so much more content. All the coaches have their presentations and it was amazing. We have lunch and dinner and begin our night game. Coaches switched so now Team PSNL was led by Farmer and Moiser. Someone on Team Trigglypuff got the first open of the night this time.

The coaching style is very different from all of the coaches, but they all had the same goal and you can tell they were 100% focused on helping us get better, with as much feedback as possible.

After dinner, we head to Whiskey Row. Farmer goes in first and then I go in. I waste no time to find a set to open and almost immediately enter a 3 set. I’m sitting with them and I do my first tarot card reading. It hooked pretty well, but I ended up ejecting too early. I go back and Moiser asks me how it went. We talk and he tells me to go back and SOI my target. We walk back and within those 2 minutes they were gone! I open another set that was already opened by another student. After I exit, I think another student opened the same set with the same opener again lol.

I open a couple more sets, most girls in AZ are taller than me and after day 1, the height difference didn’t phase me anymore. I see another student on a bench with two girls and I go in to see if he needs a wing. He introduces me and I isolate the other girl so he’s with his target. Easily my favorite set, the girl I isolated hooked hard, but then her sister comes and takes her away.

I might be confusing day 1 and day 2, but I think after we leave whiskey row, we go to a few more places and then up back to Whiskey Row for a bit. There was this two set by the bar and I go in and was able to move them to a quieter area. As I’m leading them away to the quieter area, I notice Bravo is in front of me and he wings me! He gave me the table he was at and then moved away.

We head to Casey Moore and we meet up with the other team there. I go in and start opening some sets and almost immediately I get 5 sets in a row saying someone else opened them with the same thing lol. At one point, there was this one set that was opened by almost every student lol. Things didn’t go as well as Day 1 for me, at Casey Moore, but overall fun night. We head back to the hotel and debrief. We debrief until 5am and by the time we get to our hotel rooms, the sun is about to start rising.

Day 3 gets off to a later start and we cover day game and a few other topics. Bravo teaches us some really cool stuff for the second remaining half of day 3. It’s safe to say we were all wiped out, but the coaches kept grinding to teach us. We get lunch and there was this fucking hot Asian chick at the burger place we went to. I’m not going to lie, I hesitated to approach and then another student swept in and approached her. After they finished talking, some random guy comes out and gives him maaaaaaaad props for talking to the girl.

We go back and learn some more cool stuff that I’ll never forget. We go to dinner and Bravo marks the end of PX. We toast and talk about our overall thoughts of PX. We take a few pictures and then the coaches head out to do their own thing.

It felt like it was a brotherhood; we all embarked on the same journey and are just starting our transformation process.

If you really want to change your life, for the better… if you’re stuggling with social relationships with women… if you want to see the Matrix, then FUCKING APPLY. Make no excuses to not apply. I did and it is my biggest regret to not have applied sooner. If you really want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen. Don’t make excuses to justify why you can’t go. Find a way to go, you’ll definitely will be thanking yourself later.

Memorable Moments:

Farmer *during Tarot Card reading*: “Who has a question they want answered?”
Cheeto: “Can you do a reading?”
Farmer: “Damn it Cheeto, that’s what the question was for”

One too many mentions of Trigglypuff

“Probably a Bernie sanders supporter”

Maestro: “The real adventure is…?”
Student: “SEX!”
Maestro: “No….Yes!”

Farmer/Maestro entrance

“If I go in and touch him like that, how long until he gets creeped out?”
“Let’s find out!”

“How far am I from him?”
“9 inches!”
“That’s 9 inches to you?”

There were so many other funny moments that just made the experience so much better. Too many to even remember.

I hope this review helps and inspires some of you to go and apply.

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Re: PX6 - The Review

Postby Valmont » Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:21 am

Hey man, thanks. It sounds like a blast of such helpful knowledge. Hope it pushes off anyone whose sitting on the fence to comitting.
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Re: PX6 - The Review

Postby cheeto9 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:51 am

HAHAHAHAH I'm glad i can provide comic relief. Its my passion in life to make people laugh. The woman also love it!
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Re: PX6 - The Review

Postby Moiser » Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:21 pm

Great write up Noa!

Noa wrote:Students get broken up into teams.

On the left side we have Team PSNL (perfect same night lay), led by Maestro and DJNinja. The students consists of me and 3 others (for privacy reasons I won’t disclose their names and I’m not 100% sure what all of their forum names are).

On the right side we have Team Trigglypuff! Led by Farmer and Moiser, along with 4 other students.

Haha, Team Tigglypuff!
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