Coaching Call with Bravo Dec 14

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Coaching Call with Bravo Dec 14

Postby PhoenixUK » Thu Dec 04, 2014 8:55 pm

Just had my first coaching call with Bravo (last one was a single 1 few years ago) and have a follow up in a few weeks

An absolute tonne of on point stuff from Bravo and importantly I got goals/homework and my questions answered. I was also able to model Bravo and his way of looking at life, himself, women, PU, AA, living in the moment, self motivation

I am not sure how much details you guys want from the call but it was a tonne of great advice, like ALL of MY crap in the way of me moving forward was lifted

I did feel it was tailored to me and I was able to answer key questions that I wanted and lot of it was around limiting beliefs and frame and your overall life and mindset.

I seriously can’t believe how much we covered in 1 hour, I will be ‘unpacking’ this for ages. I have been writing down notes and I could sit here for hours and remember juicy stuff

Bravo doesn’t short change you with just talking about just PU...of course without approaching desirable girls, then PU will not happen and he set me homework to do so :)

- But it’s about building and developing a better life and becoming interesting & super sociable, so that when you actually living a better life and have interesting stuff happening, the PU is a hell of lot easier

1) you’re not ‘faking’ it, you genuinely are Higher Value and have DHV stories
2) You will be in more situations naturally where you can PU

1 thing he said to me as we finished and stuck with me went something like this:

‘I care about your progress & your life…im not going to loose any sleep over, it as at the end of the day it’s your choice what you do from here…
…Don’t let me down and importantly don’t let yourself down’

this is why Bravo is different, I feel very lucky I stumbled on his email and his forum way back
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Re: Coaching Call with Bravo Dec 14

Postby Ice » Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:14 am

Good post Phoenix

Really helps guys understand more about what goes on in a coaching call from Bravo and what they can learn

Just referred this post to someone who I think could really benefit from it!
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