Steak, shooting and girls

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Steak, shooting and girls

Postby James Bond » Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:27 am

I've been wanting to learn about handgun shooting for a while, but it's ridiculously expensive where I live to just rent a gun. I've only had experience with rifles in the past and I knew handguns were a completely different ball game. When I was planning a vacation in Pheonix, I asked Bravo if he'd teach me about handguns because he has a lot of experience.

We set up a day and I met him at the range. He used to work at the range for many years and knew all the staff there. They were very friendly, and helpful.

Bravo is an exceptional teacher. You can tell he cares a lot about you as a student and breaks everything down into manageable chunks. We started with safety and dry fire drills and then moved to live fire. I was shocked. The very first rounds I shot were dead on target. It was an amazing feeling to see the target as it came back. We went through more drills and speed things up. When my technique slipped Bravo would stop me and teach me how I could improve. When we left, I felt like I had a solid base of knowledge that I could go home with and repeat at a local range. With steady, untimed shooting, I was more accurate than 90% of police officers. It feels good knowing you have the best training possible.

After shooting we headed to the steak house. Durants. A classy famous place frequented by presidents and movie stars. We entered in the back through the kitchen and were welcomed be the friendly staff.

The steak is mind blowing. I thought I'd had good steak before. But this was on another level. Perfectly done and unbelievably tender. While we sat and drank our martini's (like James Bond) Bravo caught the eye of an attractive woman about to mistakenly enter the men's restroom. She ended up in the proper place, but later came over to our table got down to our level and struck up a conversation. She wanted to know why Bravo looked at her. She said she couldn't stop thinking about his look while she was taking a pee and just had to come over and meet him. She had this bet going with her friends about why she got checked out, but wouldn't tell us. She kept trying to hint that he checked her out because she was tall, but Bravo used push pull and just mentioned it was strange that she almost went into the men's room. We chatted a little more and Bravo said we'd meet her at the bar later.

Bravo broke down some things about how I interact with people that were hindering building attraction. Encouraged me to check out Myers Briggs tests and learn how other people relate so I can come across more effectively. He pointed out how I tend to always try and one up people, and jump ahead in the conversation, rather then letting them finish their thought. He talked about the importance of viewing what you say from two additional perspectives: the other persons, and the other people in the room. We also talked about redirecting people's negative statements rather then butting heads. Additionally He helped me realize that I need to consider if what I'm about to say will add value to a conversation.

After we finished our meal, we went over to and met the girl again at the bar. Turned out she had a date.
As soon as we arrived she bought us drinks. We talked about White tiger tantra and that got her really excited. She began divulging her sexual history to us in the bar, how she'd paid for a girl to eat her out, what her orgasms were like, and so on. Bravo had her attention and could have separated her from her date if he wanted. After building rapport with the guy we discovered they had been on a bunch of dates but never had sex. He even said he was ok with the friend zone and gave Bravo the option to pursue her. Other men might have taken the chance, but Bravo is a man of integrity. Instead he built the guy up, directed the girls attention to him and gave him some friendly dating advice when she went to the bathroom.

Down the bar there were some other dudes just sitting by themselves. They could overhear our highly sexual conversation and were feeling jealous. When they became obnoxious Bravo called them out and they quieted down.

Later In the parking lot he pointed out some nervous gestures I had and showed me how to act more manly and authoritative.

Bravo is the real deal. He's fun, amazing at his job, and will unapologeticly tell you what you need to hear as a brother. I really enjoyed learning from him.
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