Over-sea's coaching calls with Bravo

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Over-sea's coaching calls with Bravo

Postby kingdavid » Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:34 pm

I accidentally found Bravo after attending 1 PUA bootcamp and then doing 1 on 1 with another PUA coach. Both gave valuable information but getting it all together was complicated. Then I found the Bravohood and life changed.

While living overseas (Israel at the time) I was using the forum and finally went into phone coaching. The language barrier was difficult at first but Bravo zoomed past it and most actually spoke English. For the few that didn't I began to see that girls would call over friends to translate. It was all in my head saying oh she probably won't speak enough English.

On every call we would work on something different. From openers, to DHV onto number closes, everything he did was at my pace so I could grasp it and apply it. We even went over the flakes, and no shows. I'm not going to give details here as those were shared from Bravo and the Bravohood with me. Finally, one of my biggest stumbling points was transitions. If you're having issues with conversation eventually stopping ask him about transitions and listen to how fast he will DHV in his transition. Fucking amazing!

Final results were amazing! Do yourself a favor get some coaching calls, best personal investment you can make!
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