Color coordination 101!

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Color coordination 101!

Postby Trance » Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:20 pm

Hey guys. Have you ever bought really stylish clothes and then looked like an idiot because your colors did not match?

Color coordination is a fundamental skill needed for selecting new clothes. People can get caught up in the details of fashion makeovers and new styles and forget about the basics.

Who am I? I am a newbie here.. By no way an expert in the fields of pickup or fashion. Picking out matching colors has been a standing out point for me for as long as I can remember. So I decided to read about it online..

I will share what I learned.

Color Wheel:

This genius idea was created by a genius, Isaac Newton. Now given he did not intend for it to be used in the fashion industry, but the core concepts apply.

All colors of any clothes we might wear will come from a combination of these colors, plus the neutral white and black that can combine to give different shades of grey (50?).

The clothes we normally wear will be lighter or darker shades, and thats fine, the same concepts apply, you just have to make sure that the colors you match are all in the same shade, whether it is a lighter or a darker one.

Color matching can give one of two results, either harmony or disorganization. With the previous obviously being the desired one.

So how do we know what colors match?

Using the lovely color wheel ofcourse!

These are some basic schemes that harmonize..


This scheme provides the most contrast in an outfit. It is for someone who wants to standout, think color peacocking.

image (8).jpg


This works well to balance it out when you have more the two colors. Like with a suit for example.

image (9).jpg


This creates the least possible contrast, giving a solid look.

image (10).jpg

There are more color schemes that create specific visual effect, like Split complimentary, Tetratdic, and Square. There was a 3 pictures attachment limit to the post so I couldn't post more.

Feel free to look these up and find one that works for you.

P.S. For black and white, you can usually use them in place of any of the colors in the wheel. Brown is kind of in between the red and the orange.

Again, I got this all from the internet. I am in no way an expert in this field, quite the contrary.
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Re: Color coordination 101!

Postby Ice » Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:25 am

So in theory this kinda makes sense

But this won't really work in real life for most irl

Everyone has different skin tones/hair colour and have certain colours that look better on them than others. Also, a lot of fashion is about the style of the clothes - which is what I suggest focusing on first as a newbie.

For colour in general, black and white will go with any colour you wear. So blue jeans, and a white or black shirt is a timeless look - it will always work. Throw on a blazer for contrast and you're good to go.

I've been liking blue jeans/dark pants and grey sweater - but that's because it suits me.

Also, to get better at style, start paying attention to people are wearing what men's magazines and even celebrities on social media -- that way you get ideas on what they're wearing and what makes the look good.
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Re: Color coordination 101!

Postby Ice » Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:26 am


Go into clothing stores and try stuff on - get advice/ideas from people working there

Keep in mind that almost EVERY retail store will have hired guns that have daily GOALS to reach a sales number -- but that shouldn't stop you from asking the question and no obligation for you to buy.
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Re: Color coordination 101!

Postby RegalTiger » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:40 am

Certain colors can either make you stand out in a good way, or a bad way depending upon skin tones as well as the actual color coordination's.

So find out what your skin tone is.

As an example: I have a pretty good tan and very dark hair/eyes. And my veins are solid blue. Which means that I have cool undertones (veins) and a large amount of contrast between my hair and skin. That makes me a winter tone.

Brighter blues and whites can look really good on me but green is an absolute disaster.

Here's a basic article going more in-depth: ... ee-colors/
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