Date with a Model , through being upfront

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Date with a Model , through being upfront

Postby GSR » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:46 pm

I haven’t written a field report in years. I stopped because I was frustrated. Couldn’t seem to find my blind spot couldn’t afford the training I so desperately needed. I stopped dating and tried to focus on earning money, hoping that somehow I would earn enough to be able to fly back to the states and get this part of my life handled.
Its been about 2 years now, still don’t have enough saved. At this point to deal with this sexual frustration I’ve been going hardcore with my photography.

Instead asking girls out on dates, I would schedule photoshoots, and most of course would say yes, my IG feed is legit so girls would simply look at my feed message me, and we’d schedule a shoot. Mind you I have ended up fooling around with some of the girls I’ve done photoshoots with but for the most part I kept that to a minimum. Which leads me to todays subject, Jheanelle, a promo girl I met a couple months back at an event I was working, she was tall slim and had a great ass. We had some minor flirting and we exchanged numbers to do a shoot in the future.

However over time I knew I wasn’t being genuine I didn’t want to shoot her. I wanted to date her. I was worried about how to go from client to just a girl I date, until I saw a youtube video from RSD Madison where he spoke about how upfront he is with his tinder dates, I decided to model that and see how it went. I texted her and use his text word for word.

Me: Jhenelle.
Her: Hey. You missed the “A” after the first “e”
Me: haha whats your shced like this week.
Her: Well I usually work weekends so that’s what Im doing the rest of this week.. I am free Tuesday. Blah blah blah.
Me: Okay cools, Im free tomorrow night and Tuesday night. Im focused on my work but I can be upfront at times, example, I think you’re sexy, don’t know why. So are you down to meet up for drinks.

Her: Lol look I thought it was the photoshoot thing you were referring to so I was saying im free in the day time
Me: hahaha
Her: I am free tomorrow night too.
Me: I have my models already booked.
Her: And thanks.
Me: I can easily get models for my shoots, so If I booked you, it would be 100% professional.
Her: Okay. I get you now.
Me: SO tomorrow yay or nay.
Her: Yes. So that’s a yay.

I was hype, I was honest about what I wanted and interest was reciprocated. So I told her to meet me ar regency bar and we’ll go from there.
I pick her up in half way tree, and we head to the bar, on the way we talk about what she’s been up to, how was her Christmas etc.
I feel like I do too much fluff talk. I need to do more cocky and funny or just conversation with statement of intent.
We talk about her family, her siblings, and her passion. She asks me about my photography, and how I’m able to do what I love and make a living off it.
She found it fascinating that I was doing what I love, I ask her what her passions are she says she doesn’t know, I tell her theres nothing sexier for me than a woman that knows what she wants out of life, most of the girls I’ve dated have that. She gets defensive and says ppl take time to figure out what they want out of life and she knows she’ll figure out.
I am understanding, meanwhile Im trying to physically escalate while talking, keeping strong eye contact and ensuring Im not leaning in too much but leaning back .
She supplicates, puts her hands in mine, we play thumb war we’re holding hands, however I ask her the craziest things she’s done as well as her sexuality she pulls back,
Me: Whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done.
Her: We’ll have to save that for later.

We talk about past relationships, I tell her my time is important to me and I wouldn’t to waste her time as I wouldn’t want her to waste mine. I decide to wrap up drinks and head to Triple Thursdays, a lounge that has a party every Thursday. She doesn’t sound like she wants to go she says she’ll just be tired, I tell her don’t be a grandma we’re doing this.
We get there and I sit by a table as the lounge starts to get filled; we continue talking, I play the cube with her, hers is interesting, she gets restless and at the lounge and ask if we can leave. I get my stuff and we head back to the car. I drop her home and we end the date outside she wont embrace me and gives me a friend zone hug, I laugh about it and she tells me she’s not a hugging type.
I am pissed, I get back home and in retrospect I should’ve ended the date here and then and just not text her back, but I guess Im a glutton for punishment,

Day 3 Beach Date.

The next day my sister hits me up telling me she’s going to the beach with friends and if I want to come along, I hit Jheanelle up and tell her to get dressed we’re doing a beach trip. She tells me she’ll get dressed. MY sister asked me if I could drop some of her friends to the beach in my car, so 2 of her friends get in mine and we head to Jheanelles place to pick her up. Side note my sisters friends were a bit odd towards me.
They get in the car and they both sit in the back, I ask them if this is a taxi and why one of them wouldn’t come in the front seat, her response was that she was expecting my friend to sit in the front when she comes.
We pick Jheanelle up and head to the beach while there I flirt and as her my buying temp question,

Me: Can you cook?
Her: Yeah
Me: So if I came over what would you cook to impress
Her: To impress YOU?
Me: Yes.
Her: You’ve gone kinda far haven’t you.

Ouch. We get to the beach and Dan and her friends go to buy food, my mind is going blank of things to say, I tell her about the shoot I did this week, turns out she went to the same school as the model. She tells me stories about her, we decide to go for a walk on the beach, I remind her again that my time is important to me and that I wouldn’t want to waste her time as she shouldn’t waste mine.

Shes confused and says it just takes her a while to warmup to people (a pickup artist is the exception to the rule)
We continue relaxing talking bout songs artists, we play fuck chuck marry, finally she gets hungry so we go to get some food. (I hate when food and drinks are involved because in this case if I pay I’ll look like Lower value) I buy the meal and she pays for soups and drinks. Which shows some form of investment on her part.
I’ve become very cognizant of body language especially because Im a photographer. Throughout the date I notice that when I am sitting and facing her completely, she crosses her legs away from me, so I change my position and sit facing the table away from her, immediately her legs crosses my way till finally she matches my stance. We continue talking and joking, when the food comes like an idiot I decide to go back to the group.
By the time I get there my sister is about to leave with her friends. Jheanelle and I sit to eat, and I notice that everyone in the group has their back turned to us. Not exactly a good look, anyways the girls leave with my sis leaving Jheanelle and I, and Jheanelle has gone back cold. We finish eating and I take her back home, no kiss, a friend hug. I decide that that’s the end of this date.

I don’t know, in retrospect, I need to be more cocky and speak with more intent, I used to be aggressive and makeout with my dates, but then I wouldn’t hear from them again so this is the second date I’ve done this month without moving hardcore for the makeout, hated it. In the end I don’t know what Im doing wrong, so I look forward to your feedback.
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