I feel Like Taking a Break from Pick Up

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I feel Like Taking a Break from Pick Up

Postby GSR » Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:31 am

Lately I've been feeling down, I want money, so I have the freedom to travel and be happy. I'm feeling a bit lost, like I'm not pursuing my passions. and chasing women isnt helping. I want to take a break. Pull back and focus on my art and my passion again. Find myself for a bit.
I know if I do this I will become alot more centered and will attract better women in my life than to be chasing girls and not having my shit together.

This is why I'm seriously contemplating taking a break from PickUp, for a year or so.

The other plans and arrangements I have with People in this forum (Bravo) are still in place however.
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Re: I feel Like Taking a Break from Pick Up

Postby Guilty Pleasure » Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:20 am

You know taking a break isn't necessarily a bad thing. I did that in 2011. When the year was up I took a break from it. I came back this past August with a clearer head. But here is one thing I did learn. It's much better if you BALANCE things out.

You don't necessarily need to leave the scene for a year. I regret not sticking to this forum 100% all the way through. when I came back I had scene people here level up like CRAZY. I could have been one of them. Either way I'm making the changes now. Figure out where in your life you are not satisfied and write down your proposed solution. That's kinda what I've been doing. My life isn't exactly where I want it to be and I am not content. But I know that becoming better with women definitely is a huge part of my ultimate goal.

I do this with out a car, almost no monies, and living with my parents. I'm no Mack but for the most part I've proven to myself that even the smallest amount of time will yield some type of results. With that being said I strongly encourage you to stick around. If anything take a month breather to clear your head but you have an awesome forum to support you and your life goals (LIFESTYLE BUILDING).

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Re: I feel Like Taking a Break from Pick Up

Postby Methos » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:15 pm

Agree with GP that balancing pickup with everything else in your life is the way to go.

I often ponder why so many of us get so addicted and sucked into pickup that it makes balancing this part of our lives a challenge. I can think of several reasons right now and none of them are reasons worth losing focus on everything else IMO.

I also think you can take a step back, turn your pickup down a notch so to speak, without walking away completely and without becoming too rusty.
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Re: I feel Like Taking a Break from Pick Up

Postby Footsy » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:30 am

In complete honest, taking a break is probably the best thing for your game.

Everything is better in moderation, and you always come back with a clearer mind, and more ambition.
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Re: I feel Like Taking a Break from Pick Up

Postby SuperDave » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:10 am

You can still focus on other things in life. The BravoHood isn't about just picking up women. It's about building a better life and becoming a better you. Do things that you love and that you want to pursue. It will help you create DHV's and I believe life is about having a story to tell. So go create some.

A lot of people never understand that Pick UP is not something you should drop everything for and just go do. You will burn out quite easily. Ask some of the more advanced guys and I am sure they will tell you the same thing. Good luck.
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Re: I feel Like Taking a Break from Pick Up

Postby sweetcheeks » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:35 am

There are things in life that will satisfy the soul, and there are many things that can never quite satisfy. Unfortunately for most of us, we chase and seek after more and more of the things that will never quite satisfy or bring us joy.

I would recommend taking some time, and finding out what is important to you. What you want your legacy to be. Then examine your life and correct the aspects that are out of line.

for example, I ultimately want to raise a family with a woman I love and cherish. So for me, once I started to switch my focus with woman from just going down their pants to building more gratifying connections and relationships; my happiness and life satisfaction has dramatically increased.

You probably don't want the same things I do, but whatever it is you do want in life. Take some time and figure out what will bring you a more lasting happiness and fulfillment and follow that path.
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Re: I feel Like Taking a Break from Pick Up

Postby Lags » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:58 pm

I could understand where your coming from brother. Some times it's hard to find a fine line between learning something new (PU) and balancing it out with your passions/everyday life. At first it was very difficult with my time management with work and learning pick up. I have the pressure in work to meet my quotas, visit customers, and pursue my ultimate passion (politics). I felt that there was SOO MUCH to learn, yet all the content I'm learning was only to meet and fuck girls...fortunately I was wrong.

As I started reading into the theory and going into field the more I learned that PU is apart of your everyday life. Everyday you have to sell yourself whether its with friends, family, a stranger, colleagues, or clients. I moved 100 miles away from my hometown and didn't know a fucking soul. Now I have just as many friends as I do from my home town. I go to the bar and I see at least a dozen people that I've became friends with. I'm kicking ass at my job, I'm a 24 year old and I'm blowing out my competition. I'm making it fucking rain and A LOT has to do with PU, especially fixing my frame. I'm pursing things that I never thought I was capable of..this summer I plan to become a certified diver, why? Because it's fucking awesome and I can. When I'm 45 years old and married to a high quality lady with beautiful kids I want to be able to look back and say, "Yea, I'm living an awesome life."

And when you start understanding PU, you'll learn that you're never chasing ladies. You're just building up an arsenal of weapons, so when that one chick you used to stare at and say "I wish I could get that.", you actually man the fuck up and become the prize.

So before you make the decision to take a "break" think about it and ask yourself "do I really wanna give up because it's difficult?"

Pick up is not just about dating the girl you thought you never could. It's about living to your fullest potential.

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Re: I feel Like Taking a Break from Pick Up

Postby Ice » Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:04 am

GSR, tbh I am seeing a lot of sticking pts for you.

Going into 'your plans with bravo and bh' with this perspective... you're already not fully committed to the learning. It's like you're giving yourself an out, and not sure how helpful this is going to be for you having this perspective going in.
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