Building Emotional Attraction

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Building Emotional Attraction

Postby Footsy » Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:50 pm

Tiny backstory, There is a girl at work, and I know not to 'shit where you eat' but I'm about to leave this company soon anyways. We have been flirting back and forth for some time but not really going anywhere because as I stated. I've attempted to do a meet up outside of work a few times but it comes at a time that she has a boyfriend and what not...

anyways we were talking about what attracts us for some reason. She says she gets more emotionally attracted, now normally I wouldn't really pin it on this too much; however, I know she is basically directing me to her as long as I follow these steps. The reason I say this is because we both agree that we don't shit where we eat, and we both have agreed that if any of us were to leave the company we would grab drinks that day.

I've been playing this through my mind, but I know how to physically attract, but what are some baselines for building emotional attraction rather than just agreeing with someone. Like kino their brain? lol This isn't a troll, I need a refresher or something. And no, I'm not gonna run game like the cube or anything...
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