Ask the Alpha Male Episode #2

Here is the second episode of Ask the Alpha Male.

Thanks again to everyone who emailed in questions. I had to re-shoot it, the first one ended up being almost twenty minutes long, and even with this one I had to cut a question out.

This one is less about ME and full of tips and advice about how to deal with a wingman that is messing your shit up, one of the best things I ever purchased for my place, my favorite gun, and how to deal with a chick who keeps texting you but never follows thru on setting up a date.

Let me know what you guys think, and anything you want more or less of.

I am going to start picking questions for the 3rd vid soon, so email soon if you want to try and get it answered next week- with the subject line ASK THE ALPHA MALE.


  1. Vaquero

    Great advice Bravo. Especially on how to get a date with a women who tends to flake and how long a date should be.

  2. Rooster1981

    This was a better blog entry Bravo, thanks. I liked your advice about how some of these girls ‘use’ guys…can’t tell you how many times that’s happened

    Also the look and feel of your website is looking slick! Nice Bravo animation…:)

  3. Bravo

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    The animation at the start- a friend made that for me, think we are still going to tweek it, but every day I do stuff to make this site better and cooler, cool that you guys notice


  4. KingOfAces

    great video bravo, thanks for taking my question. i really thought it was an interesting tip about the use of the word “target” in conversation, to make sure your wing knows that this girl is yours. i never thought of that before. this video series is really helpful.

  5. footsy

    Very nice and helpful, you cleared the air about wingmans because my wingmans don’t understand this sometimes.

  6. Bravo

    Aries :

    I’m shocked

    A PUA who doesn’t act gay or like a douchebag.

    Nice stuff bravo

    I hear ya, was actually kind of sad when I moved out here and met many guys I had built up in my head, only to find out they were full of shit or just trying to scam guys out of $

  7. Bravo

    Also I know that a 10 min vid is kind of long, are you guys digging it, or get sick of me after a few mins and turn it off?

  8. Vann Vinuzzio

    Bravo :
    Also I know that a 10 min vid is kind of long, are you guys digging it, or get sick of me after a few mins and turn it off?

    I think this length is simply perfect. Keep it up bro!!

    About target calling to your wing: what I tend to do with my wings is have them ask me once they join in the set “Who’s the trouble maker here?” and I point to my target. Can’t remember where I got this from but it works like a charm

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