1 Year Anniversary

1 year ago I launched this blog

Slowly it started building up with traffic and comments and several months later I was asked to add a forum, I did The Bravohood, which is totally free an said by many to be the best PUA forum on the internet.

Just a short while ago it hit 365 members. (crazy coincidence)

Guys started asking about doing training with me, so I set it up to do phone and skype coaching, I created my Online Game 2.0 program (which has been endorsed by many PUA / Life coaches and instructors)

Now guys are asking for infield training, which is going to come very soon (and like everything I do will kickass)

I never took a computer class in my life and 1 year ago when I made this blog I wasn’t sure how it would do, I will admit I was very worried it was just going to be a ghost town like so many other PUA style sites.

I did my best NOT to let that happen, and now a year later am kicking ass because of YOU guys

So thank you for helping me, thank you for helping make this site a success, and thank you for supporting BravoPUA.com.



  1. Mackaholic

    Keyword “style” in PUA style sites! Ha ha ha!

    Thank YOU for creating this site.

    I’ve learned more in one week than I did in one year on the other site.

    I would’ve been lost in pick up if it wasn’t for you and this

    Definitely one of the coolest people I met.

    Glad to be your friend brother.

    It’s been a year already? Wow!

  2. -WiSH-

    Yes! So excited for you bro. Thanks for all the support and help throughout these past couple months. I hope nothing but the best for you and the forum and the hundreds of thousands of guys who are serious about changing their lives for the better!

    I only hope this gets bigger and better!


  3. Russell Bee

    Happy first Birthday to your blog, I look forward to hearing about your next apperances and in part your infield training/ boot camps

    Keep up the great work Bravo

    Peace from London, UK

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