Online Game FREE Podcast (DHV Pictures)

First off, thank you for all the feedback on my last email about what things are holding you back the MOST when it comes to Online Dating.

I read every single email, comment and DM you guys made, I even went back thru posts on the forum, the FB group and our new Discord group and decided that 1 blog post just wasn’t going to be good enough to help you guys.

So I decided to do a 3 part Podcast Mini-Series for you.

All for FREE, you don’t have to do anything to access it, you just have to click play or download it and listen to it later however you want.


Direct download link=


That’s it.

If you dig it, let me know. Part 2 will be coming out in a little bit.

Things are tough for many of us right now, and with Covid, dating skills, specifically Online Dating skills, are more important now than ever, so I wanted to do something to give you some FREE DATING ADVICE when it comes to ONLINE DATING.

In the podcast I talk about-

  • Which dating apps you should use
  • The 3 types of DHVs that each picture conveys
  • What kind of pictures you should use Online Dating and why
  • and in the next two podcast I will be covering your ABOUT ME, and HOW YOU SHOULD MESSAGE WOMEN ON DATING APPS

If you have any questions just post them in our weekly Flashchat or with the info “question about the podcast” since I normally don’t answer Online Game questions outside of the Online Game 4.0 section.

Free Discord link=

It’s OK to be alone on New Year’s Eve

Someone reached out to me after my FB post about my New Year’s years ago and being stood up that start this journey for me, and asked if it is OK to be alone tonight.


It is 100% fine to be alone on New Year’s Eve. I am right now and will be all night.

It’s OK to be alone, if you CHOOSE to be alone.


Every year since that night where I decided to change my life, to be the one in control of it, and to FINALLY be in charge of my dating/love life, I have liked to be alone and reflect.

I think about everything I have been thru, how this last year was, what I did well and what I could have done better, and then what I will focus on during the next year.

I do what I want, which right now includes me watching Netflix, doing some work, playing a new video game, and in a little bit will also include a steak before that late night whiskey.

So I wanted to share my New Year’s Eve ritual with all of you.

AND I wanted you all to know that we already have some things planned so we hit the ground running tomorrow.

It has been discussed in our Discord group –LINK HERE!!!

We are all doing a NO PORN in January challenge (similar to previous years No Fap, but this time just NO PORN) and doing daily check ins in the HEALTH section.

Also we are reading a new book, the one I emailed you about the other day, AS A MAN THINKETH.

So be alone tonight if you want, but don’t be alone tomorrow. Be with your brothers.

And if 2019 wasn’t a year that you can be proud of, then let’s all make sure 2020 is.

The help and support is here for you….waiting……it’s up to you if you will take it.

I hope you will.

Happy New Year

How to have an awesome first date!

This post came about from something that we are currently discussing in our free and private DISCORD BRAVOHOOD channel. (join if you haven’t yet)

I shared a post from Reddit’s AmITheAsshole and asked why it a horrible first date. Here is the original post-

K I’m a 20 year old college guy and I met this cute asian girl at a party over the weekend. So we were texting and we agreed to go out for lunch, well I took her to a Chinese buffet, I’ve been there before and think it’s good. Well she was really annoyed about it, she thought it was a “shitty” and “racist” move for me to take her there. I was just like wtff. She was unhappy like the whole time and then she was saying she thought I was just using it to get in her pants, which wasn’t the case. Wtf. Was I wrong here?

So besides the part about race, why was this a horrible date?

What is the TRUE purpose of a first date?

So what a date ISN’T= it’s not the time to STUFF YOUR FAT FACE!!!

It’s your time to SHINE.

You DHV by taking her to a cool spot and/or doing something cool. That gives her a glimpse into what you are about, what kind of man you are, and to see if you like the same type of things.

Some of my favorite examples=

  • A cool nerd dive bar with arcade games and awesome drinks
  • A cool pizza place where you see them being made, tossed into the air and then a wood fire oven, see them come out 3 minutes later and she enjoys the BEST pizza she’s ever had with you
  • Korean BBQ or Shabu Shabu, where cooking the food together is part of the date
  • Take her to something new and teach her a bit about it= how to eat sushi the PROPER way, how to use chopsticks, how to pick a good song and perform at karaoke night
  • A whiskey or wine tasting event
  • A hidden speakeasy she never would have known about without you
  • A awesome/horrible open mic comedy show. Both have pros and cons
  • etc…

It’s also your chance to find out about her. For you to SCREEN HER and see if she is cool enough for YOU, and then build a connection.

…or, you know, you can go somewhere and sit down and talk for 20 mins, then eat a burger in silence, then have the spotlight back on you to talk and carry the conversation.

I’d rather have the date do some of the work for me and let the ENTIRE night be a cool experience that shows her how I am different from all the other guys she’s hung out with before.

***Comment below some of your favorite first date ideas and maybe the next post I can compile up a list that we can share and help some guys out!

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Never freeze when you see a beautiful woman again!

I remember exactly how frustrating it was the last time I had Approach Anxiety. I saw a beautiful woman walk past me and stop. She was in a tight red dress and was clearly looking for her friends. She really was one of the hottest women I have ever seen in my life, even still to this day. I jokingly looked up to the sky and mouthed “thank you God”. It was perfect, she walked up right next to me, she was alone, God clearly sent her my way. Then I tried to move and I couldn’t. Every fiber in my body was frozen.

My feet felt like they were glued to the ground. I thought to myself, even if I talk to her I don’t even know what to say. The window of opportunity was still wide open but instead of using it, I reached out and closed it on myself. All night it ate me up…Why didn’t I talk to her, why didn’t I even try, if I saw her again I would talk to her! But of course I didn’t see her again. 

That night as I was brushing my teeth, I couldn’t even look at myself, I was so disgusted. Then when I got into my nice big bed, ALONE, I was looking up at the ceiling thinking how much of a loser I was. The entire next week at work, any slow moment I had I thought about her and how I wussed out.

I am sure many of you guys can relate to this. Some of you have always felt this, and some guys like me, after a long term relationship ended, had to get back out there and start over and are feeling it for the first time.

I decided that week I would figure this area of my life out, no matter what!!!

You have to remember that the internet in 2006 wasn’t even close to what it is today. I had no one to help me, and books were the first thing I tried. Most of them were pretty worthless. But I did get a good tip here or there…. but one book that was recently released called THE GAME by Neil Strauss,! It was at that moment I realized that talking to women and dating was something I could get better at.

I started going out 3-4 nights a week, constantly doing what I was most scared of, talking to women. I didn’t have a coach or mentor to help me so it was slow going at the start, but then…things started to click. I was getting more dates than ever before with women I thought weren’t just beautiful, but really AWESOME people as well…something I had almost given up hope on finding!

I no longer had Approach Anxiety, I now had APPROACH EXCITEMENT!!!

My new found social skills were so impressive I had friends asking for help, friends trying to get me to help THEIR friends, guys on the internet who had read some of my advice driving across state lines to come hang out with me, and finally the author of the book that had such a big impact on my life, asking me to come work for him. Eventually he even wrote about me in the follow up best selling sequel to the book that changed my life, Rules of The Game.

Living in Hollywood and travelling the world teaching was a crazy time in my life. I learned so much, but I also learned what I didn’t want to be. I never was a club or bar guy, I don’t do drugs, rarely drink, and while it was fun having a super busy dating life…that just never was a big deal to me. I originally got into this stuff to get over my X wife and to just get a cool girlfriend. (which is what most of my students want). So in 2010 I moved back to Arizona and started my own company where I teach guys how to do that in a honest, awesome,  and authentic way.

The best part is, after 10+ years of professional teaching, with thousands of guys from all over the world, there are only a few real sticking points every guy has when it comes to connecting with women, and most of the time it only takes several hours to fix YEARS of mistakes!

  • How to approach women, get over your Approach Anxiety, and get Approach Excitement!
  • How to start a conversation with ANYONE and ANYWHERE (3 ways)
  • How to talk to someone who is alone, or surrounded by friends
  • The absolute BEST WAY to get a phone number and then when to use it
  • How to plan a cool date that takes the pressure off of you, and DHVs you
  • How to sexually escalate, especially in the #METOO era
  • How to stop be a clingy wuss
  • How to make awesome and genuine friends
  • Tips on how to stand out at work, get a raise or promotion
  • and other the other things I teach like how to protect yourself + your loved ones

I share things that changed my life and the lives of countless students around the world. Not just dating advice, but living your life like a MAN advice.

I am here to help you!

I can only imagine how fast my progress would have been if I had someone there to help me when I needed it. That is why I offer personal and 100% private coaching, either in person or on the phone. I will help you break through any sticking points you have. Trust me, I 100% know how depressing it can be when you don’t have control over your life. I am living proof of what is possible and how awesome your life can get, and the best part is it wasn’t even that hard to get here!

If you have any questions, email me and I will get back to you. This is what I do, I love helping you guys, it is my mission in life. I get to turn all the negative shit I went through into something positive and spread it out in the world. Life doesn’t get much better than that. The best part is that guys that I work with, get to eventually do the same thing…

Hopefully, I will hear from you soon.


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Everything you need to know about OPENERS (podcast)

One of the HARDEST parts of Pick Up, but once you understand it, it really is maybe the least important.

That’s easy to say now…but when I was still in AFC land, when I was forcing myself to go out at night and OPEN, when my feet were frozen to the ground and wouldn’t move…I would have told myself to shove that advice up your ass.
Direct vs Indirect openers, situational, canned, improv, FTCs, rooting, AMOGs, mixed sets, day game, night game. I get into all of it here!

Here is over an hour of FREE insight, advice, and game changing tips about OPENERS. With some of the same information I cover with my private 1on1 students.

Let me know if this helps you, helps you level up, or if you have anything to add/ask below!

***added YouTube vid link in case easier to play

The 5 Oceans Opener

Canned openers & routine stacks are useful for 2 main reasons.

  1. If you have AA and start to freeze up, they are in your back pocket waiting
  2. When you don’t have to think too much about what you are saying (because you have practiced this stack so many times) you can use the extra brain CPU power to focus on other things that you need to work on. e.g. Body language and posture, vocal projection and tonality, eye contact, hand gestures, facial expressions, and maybe most important= reading the energy of the person you are conversing with. Are they responding positively/negatively etc…

When I first read Neil Strauss’s THE GAME, 13 years ago, I think I hated every single routine it contained. I felt like they either were incongruent with me, just not cool, odd, and some seemed even straight up creepy!
I did however instantly understood the formula behind them and manufactured my own, which mostly sucked. It took a solid few months of going out in field and testing them 3-4 nights a week, and then nightly debriefs to really get things solid.
It wasn’t until a few years later that I was teaching that I came across this opener. I was on stage at a big seminar in Hollywood, and had finished my talk and opened the floor for questions. One of the guys asked me what I thought about “The 5 Ocean opener”. I told him I wasn’t familiar with it and to demo it on me, which then turned into him just asking me if I could name all 5 oceans. To be 100% honest, before I started to respond, my inner voice was saying to myself “what a fucking stupid opener”, but then….THEN it clicked! I rattled off 4 of them…but the 5th one…that took me a few seconds. Before I even finished answering I shook my head up and down approvingly and said, “WOW that could actually be a REALLY good one”!
It’s so simple, so dumb, so out of left field, I thought it could be gold…. well after I polished it up.
When doing 1on1’s this is the indirect canned opener I give my students because I KNOW it works so well. This opener is so basic, so easy to remember, and I have never heard of anyone get called out by it. (Which is a big fear new guys have), every single person in set gets into it when they realize they don’t know the answer either.


So here are 2 versions of it, feel free to modify them and make them your own.

  • “Hey guys I know this might be the weirdest question you get asked all night, but I need some help. On the drive over here on the radio, they were doing that ‘are you smarter than a 5th grader thing’ and asked a question, not ONE person could answer it correctly, and I didn’t hear the final answer, and it’s driving me crazy not knowing, like when you hear a song and can’t remember who sings it, but anyways,the question they asked was, what are the names of the five oceans”?

“I know I know, it’s stupid, but I could only think of four.”
With this tactic, ripping on how stupid the question is before anyone else can, it is now out there and once I started preemptively ripping on it, no one said it was a dumb question. I also added the song part, because everyone knows how annoying that feeling is, and then can relate to my problem. By also saying I could think of 4, so ego comes into play. Those who want to 1up you will jump in and try to do what you couldn’t. Some will say there are only 4, which then I call an audible and turn that into a fun little bar bet. But almost every single time people just start trying to name them without any extra help.

Here is the tighter/faster version I mostly have guys run nowadays

  • “Hey guys real quick, I need your help to win a bar bet with my friend over there, can you name all of the 5 oceans, off the top of your head”?

***If you are up to speed on your Pick Up intel, you will know why each part is worded in that order, except for maybe the last part. I never had the issue, but student after student did, so we added a modifier at the end. It sets the rules so they don’t just pull out their smartphone and google the answer.
At this point people will begin to name off some oceans. They will repeat names, or say things like the “Mediterranean Sea” or “The Gulf of Mexico” I then always point out that is a SEA or part of an ocean that they already said.
So far I have NEVER heard anyone correctly name all five, to me or to a student. (which just shows you have bad our school system is!!!…actually that’s a fun little line I toss in sometimes too)
So after they are stumped I will say something like.
“Actually guys, I have a confession to make, I actually looked this up on my iPhone a few minutes ago. I felt like an idiot for not knowing them, but thanks to you guys I don’t feel alone or so dumb anymore HAHA”! -which usually gets a laugh and helps build rapport. Then I they will either ask me or I will volunteer the names of the oceans so we can move on.
Sometimes you give them multiple oceans that they left out, but usually I end up just having to tell them about the Southern Ocean, which I am shocked that so many people have never heard of. Many times everyone looks around and says “THE SOUTHERN”???
-I always try to repeat them back in the order they gave them, then add the ones they left out at the end
“Ya the Southern! I actually would have accepted the Antarctic Ocean as well, they actually changed the name of it to Southern and made it official. It’s stupid that they changed something like that which we all learned in grade school!”
Now the opener has successfully done its job, it OPENED. Once you get good at opening you quickly realize that opening is the hardest step for most, but the least important. What you say NEXT is always more important!!
I am still working on my next Podcast which is about OPENERS, but wanted this up on the blog so it was easy to find for everyone, forever.
You can technically open with almost anything, I have opened (and gotten very fun dates) without saying a word, just winking and smiling. This opener is just such a tried and true one, that like I said, if guys need one during a coaching, this is usually the one I have them run. It is very flexible and fluid. You can modify it for almost any environment and any audience, you just have to tweak your root and follow up.
Let me know if you have any questions and I will gladly help you out/clarify anything.
I hope she serves you as well as she has to countless guys all around the world!
Oh and this also works great as a fun BAR BET!

How I got over my Approach Anxiety (podcast)

Hey guys!
Thanks again for the awesome feedback on this audio/podcast.
Let’s call this my first OFFICIAL Podcast, since the other one’s were pretty quick.
I wanted this one to get deeper, to really get into how I got over my Approach Anxiety and transformed it into Approach Excitement!
This is something that I have only shared with private students, but since so many guys quit this journey because of they never conquer their AA, I decided to share it with you.
You can just listen along, or run through the drill yourself (when I tell you to PAUSE it).
But either way, this transformed my life, and I hope it helps you out as well.

This will make perfect sense after you listen

-any questions, feedback, thoughts= post them below or email them me directly!

Approach Anxiety Question

To make 100% sure I cover all of your quy’s sticking points, I am checking with you guys first.
What was/is the BIGGEST thing that gave you Approach Anxiety?
I know what it was for me, and I know what it was for tons of my guys, but I want to make sure there isn’t some anomaly out there that I haven’t encountered yet.
So quick audio check in and me asking you this question.
Let me know guys! Want to make the next mini-podcast as helpful as possible (and FREE!)

“Approach Anxiety Question”

Direct vs Indirect Game (podcast)

One of the oldest debates in the pick up / dating world.
Which is better, direct of indirect game?
The quick answer is neither- THE RIGHT MOVE AT THE RIGHT TIME.
Both work.
But what is the difference and why does one work better than the other?
I made a quick podcast for you to download or stream, to help you figure out what the difference is and which is better.
Let me know if you like this format, if so I will do more in the future.

I also made it as a private YouTube link, in case you prefer to listen to it that way

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How to go for that first kiss!

Going for that very first kiss
For many of us, it doesn’t get much scarier than that.
I still cringe remembering a few of my horrible attempt throughout the years!
But then I figure out the formula. Way before I was married or ever got into Pick Up, and the first kiss on a first date became one of my favorite moments in life!
There are a few important parts to it, so to make it even easier for you to get this info into your brain ASAP, we made a short vid that covers it.
I also threw in a few extra tips for you, on the TRUE purpose of the date, and also why you should NEVER call a girl “CUTE”.

If you have any questions, post below as a comment and I will gladly help.
If this video helps you up your kissing game, also post below and let me know!